Hello ^^/


In this blog I’m going to talk about a fun recent activity- Segway.


With my Brother’s birthday just around the corner I decided to arrange a Birthday treat. So, I booked this Segway event with the GoApe Corporation, based in Delamere Forest.


This was practically the first time that I had arranged or booked an event without much assistance. I actually thought I would have been a lot more nervous or anxious. Usually the anticipation dwells on me negatively whenever I’m going out or invited out. To my surprise I didn’t give the anticipation much thought.


It’s quite unusual for me I must say but my answer was quite simple- it’s because I organised everything. Because I organised everything I felt strangely relaxed, it was as if I knew what was going to happen. More importantly I felt in control and got fixated in my head what was going to happen. If I’m following someone’s lead or get invited out- it is like I’m heading into the unknown, like I can’t predict what will happen. However if I’m arranging or organising an outing, I don’t feel like that in the slightest. Well I say all this but really this was going to be my first visit at Delamere Forest, but I’m talking more about the situation rather than the destination.


I daresay that my Brother felt more nervous than I did, because in his eyes he was probably heading out into the unknown. I only told him the Postcode since he was the one driving- Hoho. 😉 It took us about an hour or so to arrive at the forest.


Delamere Forest is quite beautiful. It’s full of trees- a lovely mixture of green and brown. As well as being nice to look at, the fresh air was very pleasant to inhale…probably due to the mass of trees!  That must mean that the Amazon must be a pleasant place to go to- minus the poisonous snakes and man-eating crocs!


Anyway- back to the subject in  hand!


The Segway experience was exciting and I would most certainly do it again in a heartbeat. Perhaps I will go in my Birthday week? Most situations I would have to think over, but if you were to ask me if I wanted to do Segway, my answer would be yes. Sure I might get anxious initially as it would be sudden (from my perspective) but ultimately I would definitely agree to it in the end. I may even get anxious through the anticipation but that will all disappear once I arrive.


There were about ten to fifteen other people there.  I volunteered myself to go on one as a first participant. I simply loved it and became quickly acquainted with it. I was quite proud of myself as I anticipated that it would take me longer to grasp. 🙂


Oh, we also got a certificate at the end for our participation- good for me. 😀 The only downside to that day was my flu…I won’t delve into that though because getting ill is not an interesting topic. 😀


My brother had a good time as well, which was the whole point since it was for his birthday treat.


Whatever will I do next?


Good Day~ ^^/



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