Good Tidings! ^^/


I mentioned previously that my Brother’s birthday was coming up. Well, it was a couple of days ago now and he’s now 27 years old. As well as arranging a Segway event I also bought him a present. I bought him an Anime figure; it’s Mio from the Anime K-On. If you get the chance you should give K-On a watch, it’s very funny, light-hearted and full of great songs. =)


Before I get off the beaten track I’m going to talk about the Pub Quiz. My brother wanted to go to the Pub Quiz to celebrate being a year older. We went to Applewood Farm.


I first started pub-quizzing at the Talbot. I didn’t really like it much, at least not at first. I’m not sure if the rowdy atmosphere made me uncomfortable or it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Nowadays we go pub-quizzing at Applewood Farm. Sometimes I come in as a substitute for a quizzer in my sister’s team, Densa. Or at times I will be part of my Brother’s team whenever we dine and quiz there.


Applewood Farm is about three times bigger than the Talbot so it’s more spacious but it’s more crowded due to popularity. Admittedly I don’t like this. I’m ok if I’m sitting in corners like I did on my Brother’s birthday night. However if I sit out in the open I’m a bit more conscious that I’m surrounded by other people. It makes me feel queasy.


Usually- a bad habit of mine- I tend to people watch, no matter who they are. I always turn around whenever someone is walking behind me. It’s instinct. I’m very sensitive to being touched so if I know there is someone behind me I instinctively turn around to see who it is. I don’t do this because I want to but I’m conscious and anxious of the fact that someone is close to me. I turn around to make sure that they don’t touch me or try any funny moves…I know they wouldn’t but my Autistic senses like to play funny games with my mind. =D


Speaking of people watching there was this cute blonde girl who served us food the other day. She had fair skin and beautiful blue eyes but what I noticed the most about her was perhaps the cutest and littlest nose I’ve ever seen! It makes me want to prod it and tickle it with a feather so I could watch her sneeze. =’D


Ahem, back to the topic-


I’m confident enough to participate in the questions, on that night I got a lot right. I identified Dusty Springfield; I answered a lot of Christmas films puzzles correctly and movie soundtracks correctly. So, it was a good night for me. I never intend to go up and play cards for money, I don’t like standing out. This is quite quirky considering that I did performing arts at Uni, but even then I never liked standing out. Apparently a Yoga expert is called a Yogi. Everyone looked at me and shook their heads with disappointment since I actually go to Yoga every Wednesday. Well, I can say with supreme confidence that I didn’t know that at all. XD


Back when I first started pub-quizzing I did get frustrated at times. If we [the team] didn’t know an answer I would make a very wild guess that’s funny and nonsense- basically the first thing that pops into my head. So, when the team didn’t know the answer and I did and spoke out, I was never taken seriously. Mostly because some of the answers I came up with were bizarre, so that was understandable.


What attributed to no one listening to my answers is the fact that I am softly spoken. I always thought that when I spoke and no one responded, I either bored them and they switched off or they were just not paying attention. So, I got frustrated. I thought that I wasn’t interesting to talk to and I bored people easily. It doesn’t happen just at the pub quiz it happens at every social event that I go to…but then it came to my attention that my voice is just too soft-spoken. That means of course that no one can hear me. Even if you sit or stand right next to me and I’m talking to you, you won’t necessarily hear me. So in some ways this is reassuring.^^


Now, even though I’m still softly-spoken (as it’s who I am) I do get stuck-in with the questions and discuss the answers without given out any “wild-guesses” so to speak. 😉


Before I sign off here is a picture of a hot chocolate that I drank last night…it was glorious.



Toodles~ ^^/



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