My Favourite Anime Openings and Endings Part One

Snow Tidings! ^^/

All my Christmas cards are all sent and I bought all my presents for family and friends. I’m definitely done for Christmas …or so I thought. Here I was thinking to myself that I had nothing else to do when I suddenly remembered that I have yet to wrap any presents. XD! I’m not worried though, last year I wrapped all my presents on Christmas morning (whilst avoiding Father Christmas ;-)).

I mentioned in the first blog that one of my keen interests is Anime, and so, I’m going to talk about Anime in this very blog. =D

I’m going to be talking about my favourite Anime songs but before I do I’m going to give you a run down what Anime is in case you haven’t heard of it before. Whether my explanation makes sense or not remains to be seen.  ;-D

In short Anime (pronounced An-e-may) is a Japanese animated show- basically a cartoon. An Anime can be identified by the animated characters in the show. The face and eyes are not necessarily drawn to match the proportion of their body. A character’s eyes are especially drawn big to exemplify the cute and innocence of the character. Young female characters especially have big eyes to add to the attraction of their appearance.

The best examples of Anime (the plural of Anime is Anime) I can think of from the top of my head…Pokémon, Spirited Away, My Neighbour is Totoro, Dragon Ball, Death Note, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Attack on Titan, Yu-Gi-Oh and Hello Kitty. The latter is probably more popular as a merchandise rather than as a TV series. ^^’

I’m going to go into depth about Anime some other time but for now I’m going straight to the point.^^

Japanese Animated shows are aired in four seasons:

  • Winter Season (January – March)
  • Spring Season (April-June)
  • Summer Season (July-September)
  • Autumn Season (October-December) <- This is the current Anime season

There are usually 12 or 13  Anime episodes per season. Some Anime are continuously aired and will not stop unless it’s either cancelled or the story is finished. Sazae-San, for example, has been airing on Japanese television since 1969. Last September the Guinness Book of Records recognised Sazae-San as the longest running animated show in the history of television. *clap, clap, clap*

Each Anime programme contains an opening song and an ending song. I’m going to share with you my personal top five favourite opening and ending songs from this season. However, I’m going to share them through the magic of YouTube. 😉


My Favourite Opening Songs

5. Monogatari Second Season

Happy Bite

JOS pk, 2013. Monogatari Series Second Season Opening 2 [720p].

Available at: <;

[Accessed 21/12/2013]


This song is performed by Emiri Katou who portrays one of the key characters in this Anime- Mayoi. The character Mayoi is the girl you see in this video. She is very funny and very cheeky! Believe it or not Emiri is actually singing in character- singing as how her character would sing. To me, that takes one heck of a lot of talent. =D Singing is one thing but singing as your character is a whole lot different.

This was Monogatari Second Season’s second opening.

Why I like This:

I have no strong reason to like this except that I enjoyed watching the creativity behind this video and I listening to the song. The Monogatari opening themes and music videos are very significant and relate directly to the story and plot of Monogatari. Because of this I feel that I must watch what I say as I will probably give the story away…it wouldn’t be the first time that I did something like this! XD


4. Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga… let’s just call it “OreNome” for now, it’s far more simple to type and read. ^^/

S ° M ° L

meido tyan, 2013. Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru Opening.

Available at: <> %5BAccessed 21/12/2013]


This song was performed by the enthusiastic JPop group Afilia Saga.

Why I like This:

I just find this song very catchy. I especially like female characters that are eccentric, quirky and cute and you can see in this video that they’re a lot of those kinds of girls in this Anime! Hoho. =D


3. Monogatari Series Second Season


TeamATDE, 2013. [HD + Lyrics] Otori Monogatari OP 2 ‘DelusionExpress’ もうそうえくすぷれす.

Available at: <; [Accessed 21/12/2013]


This song was performed by Kana Hanazawa. Like Emiri Katou with Happy Bite, Kana Hanazawa sings as her character in this opening song. She performs as the character Nadeko Sengoku.

I think it’s a great opening.  Unless you’re a fan of the Monogatari series you probably won’t appreciate the charm and significance behind this video.

Why I like This:

I think this is a fantastic video and song and in my opinion a lot of deep psychological meaning behind this song. This opening song of Monogatari series is related to the fourth opening of Bakemonogatari titled Ren’ai Circulation.

Check it out here ->

Yorusora Yukimura, 2010. [Special] Renai Circulation –Vietsub.

Available at: <; [Accessed 21/12/2013]

If you look carefully and compare the two videos you will see that both videos had similar scenes…with a big significance. In the Ren’ai Circulation song you will see the girl being all happy and feeling positive because of her love for the boy in the video. In the second video, Mousou Express, those exact same scenes are there but going backwards.

To me it’s like she was taking a step forward to get closer to the boy [Araragi] in the video. But in the second video, with everything going backwards, I see that she’s drifting away from him. Like, all the hard work she did went completely undone. Either that or she decided to give up on him. She wants him to love her but no matter what happens he will always be out of reach. The way she walks away from him by his side illustrates this point. The music is certainly a lot different and not as vibrant, energetic or happy-go-lucky as the first one.

I’ll tell you my thoughts on Monogatari on a later date but for now this is my personal assessment of the Monogatari’s third opening.:-)


2.Non Non Biyori

Nanairo Biyori

halil bulaklı, 2013. Non Non Biyori OP.

Available at:<;

[Accessed 21/12/2013]


This song was performed by nano.RIPE

Why I like This:

Everything about the music and video I find calm and peaceful. Listening to this always makes me happy and engaged with a relaxed mind. The show is amazing as well.


1.Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai


Vanishing drago, 2013. Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai – Opening.

Available at: <; [Accessed 21/12/2013]


This song was performed by Hitomi Harada who portrays the main heroine character in this Anime- Yaya. She is extremely cute! =D

Why I like this:

This Anime is based in London, England. =D Ahem- I mainly like this because it feels like there’s a superior motive behind this song. I find it exciting. I’m not a Musicologist but it feels like the singer, Hitomi Hadara, is travelling on an epic adventure- like she’s going into her own kind of battle! Whatever battle she faces she is very determined and passionate… I can speak minimal Japanese but I can feel her passion through her voice. =D Well, that’s how I feel when I listen to this! 🙂

I must say though, the ending is far more catchy and up-lifting then the opening. =D


That’s my top five Anime openings, hope you enjoyed reading this evening’s blog. See you more in part two, just four more sleeps to go. ^^/



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