Yen Press licenses High School DxD =D


Snow Tidings! ^^/


I’ve been in a happy mood today. It came to my attention that the Yen Press publishers are going to publish the manga High School DxD. =D


For those who are not aware a manga is like a Japanese comic. What a comic is to the western continent a manga is to the eastern continent. In a comic you read the panels from left to right, in a manga you read the panels from right to left.


There are certain publishers who are known to publish manga. These publishers are:

  • VizMedia
  • YenPress
  • Kodansha
  • Vertical
  • Dark Horse
  • Seven Seas


High School DxD is one of my favourite Anime and I’m absolutely thrilled that it’s going to be released officially in English. No publisher is better suited, in my opinion, then Yen Press. Why? I shall explain.


Out of all the publishers that publish manga Yen Press is the only manga-type publishers that will publish light novels.  Light novels, if I were to describe them in my own words, is like an annotation form of manga. It is basically like a novel with illustrations being periodically shown on certain pages. More often than not the author of the light novel will adapt the story into a manga. I guess you could say this as an alternative format of the original story. The only difference is that instead of picturing scenes and characters in your head you get to see how the story unfolds visually.


High School DxD started off as a light novel, which was then adapted into a manga, which then eventually received the green light to become an Anime. The light novel of High School DxD has been highly talked about online.


Yen Press sell several light novels like Spice and Wolf and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, both of which have sold extremely well in the market.


If the High School DxD manga sells well enough then this might tempt Yen Press to start publishing the High School DxD light novels. Fingers crossed. =D


Whatever should happen I’m very exciting about the prospect of the manga being released next year. The light novel being released would just be a marvellous bonus.


Happy time, ^^/



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