WWE Royal Rumble 2014



Headlock Tidings! ^^/


Last weekend I spent at my brother’s until the early hours. We played the who am I? game (this time I didn’t give anything away!) as well as Dungeons and Dragons.


Admittedly I wasn’t so keen on D and D at first as I found it too confusing and kept on getting things wrong. I felt rather guilty because I was under the impression that I got everyone frustrated because if my continuous misunderstandings. It turns out that it was all in my head. Luckily I have a better grasp of how to play it more efficiently.


The main purpose of going that very evening was to watch the WWE Royal Rumble 2014. This means staying up until early hours of the morning. I always had great difficulty sleeping anywhere if it wasn’t in my own bed. Gradually, over time, I was able to overcome this obstacle. It’s still fairly rare for me to stay the evening at someone else’s place though. I usually only ever do this when a major WWE event is on, like Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.

I think it all started when I visited a friend’s house when we worked on my project for Uni. It took longer than expected and so we all worked a long time. I stayed and worked on that project from 4pm to 5am! I wasn’t so concerned about myself because I was very focused on completing my task. I had a few impromptu naps as well. So, I think I showed that I can do something like this if I really need to. From then on I tried my best to not worry about staying over. I just think, in those moments, “What do I feel like doing? Am I up for staying up until the early hours?” Each and every single time my answer will change depending on how I feel. I wasn’t up for it so much last year but I was up for it this time around. =)


As for the Royal Rumble event itself… it certainly had some interesting twists and it has obviously bought much controversy. When I say controversy, I meant huge negative criticism from social media. Instead of giving you my thoughts on this news I’m just going to focus on what I enjoyed about this event. =D


The pre-show match was good; it was certainly nostalgic seeing the New Age Outlaws back in the ring again. Not only that, but winning the tag team titles! I bet they would never have guessed that they’d win the tag team titles again after 10 years. Goldust and Cody Rhodes were good too. What does anyone think about Goldust doing a forward flip on the outside? For a man his age that is quite amazing. It goes to show that no matter how old you are- at the end of the day age is just a number. =) I’m 25 but I never felt a day older since I started college. =)


Daniel Bryan against Bray Wyatt was an amazing match! I was thoroughly engaged with the story and action that these two wrestlers shared. It did leave a somewhat sour taste in my mouth when Bryan lost though but I do think there was a good justification there. Bryan suffered from a concussion in real life a couple of weeks back and Bray Wyatt took advantage of that. So, it was probably legitimate that Bryan lost because he wasn’t 100%.


Roman Reigns…what a beast. Ever since the Survivor Series I made a prediction that he was going to break Kane’s record and eliminate the most superstars ever in a single Royal Rumble match. And I was right with my assumption. =) I’m pleased that he got into the final two, he looked very strong and monstrous.


As soon as Batista was announced to be a Royal Rumble participant and confronted Randy Orton I sort of knew that he was always going to win this year’s Royal Rumble. The timing of his return was rather odd but I think he’s starring in an upcoming film in WWE studios. Perhaps they’re trying to raise Batista’s profile to promote the film? Whatever the case it won’t change the fact that Batista won.


For me I would have liked CM Punk, Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns to win the Rumble. You could say that I no longer believe in the Shield, I believe in Roman Reigns! =D


Have a nice day! Bang! Bang! ^^/


Anime Winter Season



Konbanwa! ^^/


A new Anime season began three weeks ago, the Winter Season.


From the Autumn/Fall Season 2013, I have watched and completed:

  • Freezing Vibration
  • I Couldn’t Become a Hero so I reluctantly got a Job.
  • Infinite Stratos 2
  • Miss Monochrome
  • Monogatari Second Season
  • Non Non Biyori
  • NouCome
  • Unbreakable Machine-Doll
  • Walkure Romanze
  • Wanna Be the World’s Strongest


I liked them all and it was probably my favourite Anime season from last year. I did put myself under unnecessary pressure though since as soon as I completed them I felt that I had to review them all asap. This did not make me happy so I decided that I’m going to review them periodically and will share my thoughts when I’m ready. ^^/


I haven’t started watching any from this season yet, but here are a few that I will definitely watch:


Super Sonico the Animation: I’ve always admired Sonico and thought she was cute. She is the official mascot girl for the Nitroplus. She has a large collection of figures with a game and visual novel based on her. After a couple of years she finally has an Anime to her name. I’m looking forward to this.


Nisekoi: False Love: By what I understand the main protagonist made a secret promise with someone. This secret involves two of the main characters getting married should they ever reunite. I watched the Promo video as well and it certainly looks interesting. Three of my most favourite voice actors are starring in that show too! Nao Touyama, Kana Hanazawa and Kana Asumi. If I wasn’t keen on watching this Anime, I would definitely watch it now.


Maken-Ki! Two: This anime is a sequel to the first series, Maken-Ki! I’ve seen the first series, the OVA (Original Video Animation) and the short specials so I’m very aware of what this will entail. I’m nearly 100% certain that the second season will have the girls show off their skin in very cheeky situations.  I have a feeling that this will be good. I’m especially looking forward to this one.


What else will I watch? I’m not really sure as of yet but I’ll be sure to let you all know in due time. =)


What are you watching from this season? Are you watching Anime from this season? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. =)


Sayonara! ^^/


Passing an Online Course



Good Tidings! ^^/


It’s not long since we entered 2014 and already this year has been kind to me. I passed an online course. =D


I decided to learn more about writing. Not on how to be a writer but useful skills like how to handle publishers and talk to editors etc. So, I decided to partake in the How to Write for Children’s Books course.


There were 12 modules overall. Each module contained a specific category. To name a few;  fantasy and fiction, writing for teen, writing for 7-12 years, writing for 5 years, writing screenplay and drama and writing for the under 5’s.


They were all useful tips but the most useful advice was about Vanity Publishing. For those who do not know, vanity publishing basically means that you pay a company to print your book. The company will not edit your book, they’re solely printers. With Vanity Publishing, if you’re answering their advertisement in the newspaper, they ask you to pay them to publish your book. Publishers on the other hand, will never advertise for authors as they don’t need to.   It has also been stressed that Vanity Publishing should not to be confused with self-publishing as they are printers who specialise in self-publishing.


This is very useful information indeed. I wouldn’t answer an advertisement for a writer to begin with but now I know for certain that this is not a good idea!


After 12 modules I passed the course and scored the 85% mark. =D I’m proud of myself. I misinterpreted what the instructor said at times and it made me easily confused but I still passed the course so I’m happy. =)


With my newfound knowledge I’m looking to improve my writing style even more. Happy days. =)


Toodles~ ^^/


Getting Back into Yoga

ImageRam, Vam Tidings! ^^/


I was poorly towards the end of last year so unfortunately I stopped going to yoga for a while. The purpose of Yoga is to go there to relax and find inner peace. I really don’t think I would relax if I kept on sneezing and coughing throughout the practice session. XD!


I went last Wednesday and to my disappointment I was anxious of going again. Because I haven’t been for a while I got out of the routine of going every Wednesday evening. Then one day my sister then asked me if I wanted to go back to Yoga. I instantly said no because that was my reaction. But after allowing the information to sink in I became more relaxed about it.


I thought this was going to be a good opportunity to get back into the routine of going every Wednesday. So I went…


We went a lot earlier than usual. This was necessary for two reasons. 1, to get the best seat in the facility. 2, we anticipated that there were going to be a lot of people there due to people’s New Year’s resolutions… Do you have a New Year’s resolution? I don’t. I don’t think I qualify to have one. If I were to have one it would just be the same as me having a short term and long term goal. The short term goal is to complete the second draft of my story; the long term goal is to get my story published.


Back on track-


In these types of circumstances I would see this as a competition and I always give it more than 100%. Even if I was in pain I would will myself to keep it up until instructed otherwise. Back then I was fiercely competitive, more so with myself than with anyone else. Mostly because I didn’t want to do anything that was deemed wrong. Because I’m rather sensitive being scolded or shouted out, it made me feel rather foolish. Nowadays it’s entirely different and Yoga is the prime example of what I’m talking about.


Yoga is all about being true to yourself. Sure, it can help you with tone and flexibility (it has with me) but the most pinnacle principle about Yoga is finding inner peace. And the instructor that I have is simply wonderful, Callie is her name… I think you spell it with a C? Ah well, I’m sure she won’t mind if I get it wrong. =D She is the epiphany of a Yogi (Yoga expert). Full of calm, peace and happiness. =D She spoke to me prior to joining in with the practice to make me feel welcome, and I certainly liked that. She did that with everyone. She admits sometimes that she isn’t always so relaxed but to me that’s what makes her a great instructor. Gaining knowledge and experience can make you a good teacher/advocate but it’s a major plus if they can empathise and understand your point of view. Callie fits the bill here.^^’


I did Yoga and my rustiness of recovering from my cold and not going for a couple of weeks showed. I tried to push myself as I do think you can never truly improve if you don’t try. But now I don’t feel like I’m competing with anyone as I don’t have to prove myself to anyone or anything. That’s the beauty of Yoga.


I felt sore when I came in that evening but I felt completely worse the next day. It hurts to walk and I felt very tired. I feel jaded even now. I got into the habit of going to bed at a reasonable time and now I’m tired from being bendy. It’s times like these when I wonder how Michael Flatly’s legs don’t just detach from his own body. Haha. XD!


I’m in a lot of pain, feel tired but I feel absolutely fantastic. =D I always feel happy whenever I come home from Yoga. I keep reminding myself that it’s not a competition and I’m going there to feel better about myself. This method works very well for me!


Namaste. ^^/


Happy New Year!

Happy 2014! ^^/


How did you celebrate your new year?


I spent my new year at my brothers. This is also a tradition of mine. I spend Christmas Eve at my sisters and I spent my New Year’s Eve/morning at my brother’s.


I used to spend all my time at home with Mum but over the past few years I’ve spent the festive celebrations outside of my home. The keyword here is ‘outside’ of my home.


This year we played a multiplayer game on the Nintendo Wii U (I can’t remember the name) and played who am I? I’ll go into depth with this bit in a few paragraphs time. 😉


To celebrate the New Year we put on Sky News and watched the countdown on the Big Ben clock. The fireworks, as ever, were magnificent. The few fireworks that went off in the neighbouring houses were pleasant on the eyes too. However, no fireworks can top the ones on the London Eye, or is it called the London Wheel? It was that big wheel that was built in the Millennium! It was how you would describe a spectacle. As soon as Big Ben hits the 00:00 of each year we would clug our drinks. I used my J2O as a cup clugger.


To get into the atmosphere better we turned down the lights. We were watching the fireworks when someone suddenly appeared in the front window! As you can imagine this made me jump out of my skin! I think some random stranger jumping in the front window and knocking on the window would scare anyone. ‘Who was this strange nutter?’ is what I thought. I knew who it was as soon as I heard her shout- my sister. XD!


She was celebrating her new years at her friend’s house who ironically was just a couple of houses down from my brother’s house. Along with a friend she came to clug her glasses with all of us. I didn’t really mind this but I can’t say that I appreciated her surprise entrance!




I had a bit of a trouble that very evening, (well, three in fact), with funny consequences I must admit. First one, I took my friend’s go on a game and made him come in last place. Second, I dropped my brother’s Sonic cup. Third… Well. Let’s just say I gave away a very good answer in the Who Am I? game.


I might have mentioned in the earlier blogs that I give answers or secrets away. I gave a huge spoiler away to my Mum on what happens in the last Harry Potter film, that evening. We all assign real/fiction people to each other. I gave my Brother’s Fiancée Mr Gingerbread Man, Cheese gave me Charmeleon from Pokémon, Sarah gave my Brother Sonic and my Brother gave Cheese Chris Eubank. A very good person I might say. However, my brother asked me, ‘can you see who Liam has?’ I then turned to the paper sheet and said, ‘oh yeah, Chris Eubank.’ …you can probably imagine what happened next! My brother gave quite a scream rage. XD I can understand why.


I don’t mean to give answers away like that. It happens naturally, too naturally for my liking. I subconsciously need to confirm my thoughts by speaking out loud. So I said Chris Eubank out loud to confirm to myself that I knew who Cheese was… I seriously didn’t think. And I will probably get yelled at for saying this but I thought this was quite hilarious, especially my brother’s reaction! I mean, I couldn’t do this on purpose, even if I tried! I don’t necessarily find the situation funny but more the irony. XD!


If I’m honest I was ready for bed at 12:30. I opted to stay at my brother’s though since I was able to save my pennies for a taxi and get a kind lift with a friend.


This is quite an improvement on my part. I got a lift with a friend with no family members present. I’m quite familiar with these friends so I don’t necessarily need family presence to feel at ease and safe. Additionally, I’m able to think what is more convenient rather than worry about social matters.


I don’t know about you but 2014 is going to be a cracking year for everyone, especially for those who I know and are related to. =) The only down side is that I’m still going to bed at 2/3 am in the morning. Oh deary me! To commemorate the New Year I will show you a couple of photos from my calendar, the Anime Mushibugyou!


The Mushibugyou calendar 2014.


This is January and February. In Japan each page covers two months. Quite fascinating, don’t you think? =)


Have a good 2014, everyone. ^^/