Manga Entertainment Licenses High School DxD




Konbanwa. ^^/


Once again I’m dedicating this blog to High School DxD. =D


I learned that Yen Press has licensed High School DxD but now I come to learn that the Anime has been licensed by UK Company Manga Entertainment. =D I’m not sure when the Blu-Ray or DVDs are released but the manga is definitely going to go on my Birthday list. =D


I’m pleased to see that the series is doing very well, especially outside of Japan. The sequel to High School DxD, High School DxD New (yes that is the actual title ;-)) has especially been a big hit.


This is, in fact one of my favourite Anime. It has severe cheeky moments. But I honestly feel that there is more to the show then the severe cheeky moments. It has an underlining strong meaning behind the plot of the show. I dare say that the show doesn’t need to have ‘stimulating’ and cheeky situations because the story is very good. But it does have those kinds of situations because it is part of the charm of that show.


Apparently the author of the Light Novel said that he couldn’t add any more erotic and stimulating situations in the story since he would have to change the age restrictions. I personally find the story itself charming and I like the type of characters in it and how angels and demons are portrayed. I also like how some of the demons represent chess pieces. I originally had this idea in mind for a story but evidently High School DxD beat me to it. I especially liked the choreography of the fights. It’s not as predictable as one might assume. At least not for me.^^


Here is a quick summary of the show, in my own words, in case you fancy watching it…


A high school student called Issei, dreams of having his own harem full of beautiful girls. He goes on his very first date with an enchanting girl but it didn’t end so well…the girl, soon revealed to be a fallen angel, brutally attacks and kills him. All is not lost as he is later reincarnated as a devil by his beautiful red-haired upperclassman. She later proclaims that she is also a devil and so becomes his master. His normal life has gone and he is now part of the battle between the devils and angels. Who will come out triumphant?


…I did myself proud there being as brief as possible! I always thought that capability was beyond me! XD.


I would recommend this Anime to anyone, unless I know that you’re really not going to enjoy it. 😉 I’m looking forward to the release of the Manga and the Anime. Speaking of which, I’m going to share with you my first review next week on the Thomas film, King of the Railway. Be sure to check it out. =)




2014 is going to be a fantastic year for High School DxD and I will eventually review this in more detail.


Sayonara! ^^/


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