PFA Awards 2014 Predictions


Spring Tidings.^^/


This season has been a very good season for Football, especially in the Premier League. The only downer for me in this season is that there were a good number of managers who were sacked, but that’s another story to tell on another day. 😉


I never would have thought that Liverpool would be in the hunt for the league title. They’ve generally been consistent through their performances, played some good high-tempo and scored a lot of goals. It’s those goals that are making them firm favourites to win it. It’s been a long time coming too for a big club like Liverpool to not have any league championships on their CV.


It’ll be nice for Steven Gerrard too. With Gerrard in the side, Liverpool have won many trophies; FA Cup, League Cup, Community Shield, Champion’s League, UEFA Cup (now Europa League) and Super Cup. But the only honour they haven’t won with Gerrard in the team is the league title. A couple of games ago Gerrard was very emotional. If they win it I reckon we’ll see tears of joy.


Today’s game between Liverpool and Chelsea was a cracker! Chelsea employed the tactic of slowing down the pace in order to frustrate Liverpool. It appeared to work as Liverpool couldn’t really hit a shot on target in the first half. One can never tell what Jose is thinking or plotting for his next game but he’s very entertaining to watch; whether it’s his antics on the field or during the pre/post match interviews. =)


And now, the PFA Awards…

I’m going to give you my personal opinion of who I feel deserves to be player of the year and who I think will win player of the year. To guess correctly I will attempt and look at them from the player’s point of view. Who do I think they will pick?


Football League Championship Team of the Year

My Personal Choice

GK: Tom Heaton (Burnley)

DR: Andre Wisdom (Derby County ON-LOAN)

DC: West Morgan (Leicester City)

DC: Clint Hill (Queen’s Park Rangers)

DL: Daniel Lafferty (Burnley)

MR: Ross Wallace (Burnley)

MC: Will Hughes (Derby County)

MC: Danny Drinkwater (Leicester City)

ML: Anthony Knockheart (Leicester City)

ST: Chris Martin (Derby County)

ST: Danny Ings (Burnley)

Who I think will get the places

GK: Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester City)

DR: Kieran Tripper (Burnley)

DC: Wes Morgan (Leicester City)

DC: Clint Hill (Queen’s Park Rangers)

DL: Daniel Lafferty (Burnley)

MR: Michael Kightly (Burnley)

MC: Danny Drinkwater (Leicester City)

MC: Will Hughes (Derby County)

ML: Anthony Knockaert (Leicester City)

ST: Ross McCormack (Leeds United)

ST: David Nugent (Leicester City)


Premiership Team of the Year

My Personal Choice

GK: David Marshall (Cardiff City)

DR: Seamus Coleman (Everton)

DC: Vincent Kompany (Manchester City)

DC: Phil Jagielka (Everton)

DL: Leighton Baines (Everton)

MR: Kevin Miralles (Everton)

MC: Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)

MC: Adam Lallana (Southampton)

ML: Eden Hazard (Chelsea)

ST: Luis Suarez (Liverpool)

ST: Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool)

Who I think will get the places

GK: Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur)

DR: Seamus Coleman (Everton)

DC: Vincent Kompany (Manchester City)

DC: Gary Cahill (Chelsea)

DL: Leighton Baines (Everton)

MR: Kevin Miralles (Everton)

MC: Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)

MC: Yaya Toure (Manchester City)

ML: Eden Hazard (Chelsea)

ST: Luis Suarez (Liverpool)

ST: Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool)


PFA Women’s Young Player of the Year

My Predictions

First: Jordan Nobbs – Arsenal Ladies

Second: Lucy Bronze – Liverpool Ladies

Third: Danielle Carter – Arsenal Ladies


PFA Women’s Player of the Year

My Predictions

First: Kim Little – Seattle Reign

Second: Nicole Rosler – Liverpool Ladies

Third: Siobhan Chamberlain – Arsenal Ladies


PFA Player’s Young Player of the Year

My Choice

First: Aaron Ramsey – Arsenal

Second: Daniel Sturridge – Liverpool

Third: Luke Shaw – Southampton

My Predictions

First: Aaron Ramsey – Arsenal

Second: Eden Hazard – Chelsea

Third: Ross Barkley – Everton


PFA Player’s Young Player of the Year


Eden Hazard – Chelsea

Steven Gerrard – Liverpool

Yaya Toure – Manchester City

Luis Suarez – Liverpool

Adam Lallana – Southampton

Daniel Sturridge – Liverpool


My Choice

First: Luis Suarez

Second: Steven Gerrard

Third: Adam Lallana


My Predictions

First: Luis Suarez

Second: Yaya Toure

Third: Daniel Sturridge


PFA Merit Award

It’s hard to gauge and guess who will win this award since it’s like a special achievement. Hmm… it tends to go to players who have been world class in their time like Pele or players who have made over 1,000 appearances like Graham Alexander… It’s a mystery. I’ll just tell you who I think deserves the merit award or at least be considered…

  • Ryan Giggs: He has played in every single Premier League season. Up until now he has scored in every season but it doesn’t look like that will continue, since he has become the interim manager of Man Utd. Regardless, I think making an appearance every season, since the Prem started, is quite a feat. So, Giggsy getting this award would not be surprising.
  • There’s this gentleman who I think deserves this award more then any, the only problem is…I forgot his name and I forgot which club he has managed. XD! Basically he was a non-league manager. He has managed a certain non-league team from 1963 until 2013, exactly 50 years. He retired last year when he was in his seventies. Sky Sports News documented this and in his last game all the past players came to pay their respects for his retirement. If I recall right his team lost 6-3. I feel silly for forgetting his name but I feel he truly deserves this award because of his dedication to the game.[1]
  • Chris Powell: Slightly biased perhaps considering I’m a Charlton fan but he has done one heck of a lot off the field. It’s not just Powell, Charlton do a lot of community work and this was actually acknowledged in the House of Commons some time ago. In fact, the leader and founder of the Charlton Community Trust, James Morgan, was rewarded with the MBE recently because of his contribution to the community. =)


What do you think of this season’s Football? Have you enjoyed it? Who do you think will win the Premier League? I’m not a betting man but at this very moment I think that its Liverpool’s to lose. I’m going to be glued to my couch for the next couple of weeks; it is an exciting time to be a Football fan. =D





[1] The gentleman is called Jimmy Davies and the team that he managed for 50 years is Waterloo Dock AFC, based in the Liverpool County Premier League. I knew it was along the lines of Waterloo. Haha.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Film Review


Easter Tidings.^^/


The other day I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier at the cinema. In my humble opinion, it was beyond amazing. =D


I really enjoyed the first film: Captain America: First Avenger but it wasn’t as exciting as the other Marvel films as I felt there wasn’t much intensity or suspense, especially in the fights.



In this film though there was a lot of intensity, suspense and plenty of nail-biting fights. At times I was on the edge of my seat hoping that Captain America and his companions wouldn’t get hurt. There was one scene where Nick Fury Jr. (Mr Samuel L. Jackson himself) was toppled over in his car thanks to Hydra, aka, the Winter Soldier. I knew he would have a plan to try and escape but carrying through that plan was a different issue. Thankfully, he was able to escape.


I sort of had the inkling that Nick’s death appeared to be staged, and even if it wasn’t, the good people would find a way to bring him back to life somehow. Still, glad he eventually got back on his feet. I felt that we learnt a lot about Nick Fury. We got a bit of an insight as to why he doesn’t trust people and why he has a black eye patch. Personally, whether he needs it or not he still looks mighty cool with it. 😉 He revealed his eye in the film…my word. I’m more intrigued to know what happened to that eye.



One certain character made his debut, Falcon. I really, really like him. I think he has a cool personality and I love the wings technology/parachute thing. I’m slightly gutted because I had a similar idea in mind for one of my stories, still, never mind. XD! Anyway I had an inkling that he was going to be the ally of Steve Rogers but I didn’t know that they were going to fight side by side. I assumed that it would be like Bruce Wayne and John Blake. They’re allies who will help each other out but not necessarily fight side by side as super-human equals… I was quite wrong. XD Now, I really hope that we see Falcon in the Avengers: Age of Ultron.^^/



When I first saw Alexander Pierce, played by Robert Redford, I knew instantly that he was going to be the villain. A good ally on the surface who is secretly plotting something underneath the floorboards. XD It was a bit like the first Iron Man film when Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) appeared to be a goody but really he was a baddy. Apart from anything else I couldn’t really see Robert Redford having a small role; he is quite a big movie star.



It turns out that Zola, who played a sort of sidekick in the first Captain America film, played quite a significant role in the end.  I understand he was recruited to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. and this gave him the opportunity to bring in his allies, associated with the Red Skull, so they could do his bidding. It looks like the he transferred his consciousness into some ancient computer so whilst he actually died, his consciousness was still alive.


I must admit, I was slightly freaked out by Zola and his computers. It was like he was ahead of his own time, even back in the days when technology was in its infancy.


I was quite blown away when it was revealed that Bucky was alive. When I first heard the title “Winter Soldier” I thought it alluded to Captain America since he was frozen for so many years. I was wrong. When Bucky was revealed as Hydra, when his mask came off, I shouted “damn!” …I slightly attracted attention, albeit, unintentionally. XD!  I would describe Hydra as an Anti-Villain, he isn’t a true villain by heart but he’s working with them for the sake of working with them.


I wonder if we’ll see any more of the Red Skull army? That dude that got burned, [I think his name was Brock?] I wonder if he is actually the alias Crossbones? I wouldn’t be surprised if this were the case.



The romance was quite interesting in this one. It seemed to tease a potential relationship between Steve Rogers and Black Widow. Personally, if I was the Captain, I’d go after that blonde lady who lived in his apartment block. Agent Carter I think was her name? Apparently in the comics she was the niece of Captain America’s first love interest but was eventually ret conned.  Anyway, I’d still go after the blonde girl regardless. She seems more affectionate then Black Widow. XD



I really liked the plot overall, I liked how there was a conspiracy within SHIELD and the enemies plans kept on failing. It’s like how Scotland Yard and the FBI solve murder cases, haha. My favourite parts of the film though have to be the fights. To me good fights aren’t about throwing punches, there’s a bunch of factors that can lead to your victory. For example, the styles and fighting techniques of the soldier and how they use the terrain and knowledge of each other’s skills to their advantage.


I loved the way Captain America kept throwing his shield and how fast he ran, it’s really entertaining to watch. I enjoyed how Falcon kept on flying about the place, with his technical type of wings.



I’ve been told by a friend that parts of Captain America were filmed in Manchester. Apparently, it costs $10,000,000 to close a whole street in New York, however, it only costs £100,000 to close down one whole street in Manchester. So, they filmed shots in Manchester which they pretended were in New York. It was apparently based in the 1930’s / 40’s. My friend said that he watched the filming from his friend’s flat. I was quite gutted when I heard this. Had I known this was being filmed in Manchester,  I would have wanted a walk on part! XD


I didn’t really spot any location in the film that resembled Manchester. Perhaps it was that one flashback scene with Steve Rogers and Bucky? Apparently, parts of the new Avengers film was filmed at the same time as the second Captain America film. So, maybe there will be flashbacks of the 1940s (where Manchester was pretending to be NewYork XD) in the Avengers: Age of Ultron.



This film was beyond amazing. Captain America was awesome and a new set of characters have been introduced. Apparently Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who are set to appear in the new Avengers film, made small cameos in this film.  I didn’t really see them, although I probably wouldn’t know who they were anyway!  XD! Falcon was especially good, Bucky being alive was awesome and I suspect that Zola is the true mastermind behind all of this Red Skull business.


Stan Lee making that cameo had me laughing for a good while. In a way he’s like the modern Alfred Hitchcock where Alfred used to appear in his own films, albeit, a lot more surreptitiously. Now, I’m expecting to see Stan Lee in every single Marvel film from now on. XD I recall him making a small cameo in one of the recent Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episodes. It wouldn’t be a Marvel film if there was no Stan Lee to make a small cameo. Haha.


Is this the best Marvel film to date? Who can say? In the given moment I thought “yes”. In retrospect, I still prefer Iron Man. But, take nothing away from this film; it’s mind-blowing and very engaging. I would watch this numerous times.. =)


So, I won’t hesitate to give this two thumbs up.



 That very evening, going to watch Captain America at the cinema, put me to the test.


On that Friday evening I planned to do this complicated painting after self-studying and to chill out watching some Blood Lad. However, I receive a call that same moment asking if I, along with Mum, would like to go and watch Captain America. It was on screen at 9 and I was asked at half 8… Some of you may guess or not but I don’t handle sudden surprises too well. I get cross in fact. XD We did speak about watching Captain America but no date was set in stone. I mulled over for a matter of minutes…


I eventually decided to go and watch Captain America since theoretically I have all day to paint, write and watch Anime. Whereas I don’t really get the opportunity to go to the cinema with friends and family. So, with this in mind, I decided to leap upon that opportunity.  I literally had to get dressed and what have you inside ten minutes.


I’m usually anxious whenever I go out, especially to the cinema. But when I got ready, got out and went straight to my seat I didn’t really feel anxious at all. Rather, I was more thinking about the film itself, which is quite unusual. Perhaps it’s because I wasn’t given the time to feel anxious, as strange as that sounds. Haha. I think this is a good step to take, and really, as anxious as I get I can handle these types of last minute situations.


I saw the trailer of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men; both of Marvel, both was shown before the film started. I fancy X-Men but for some strange reason I don’t really fancy Guardians of the Galaxy. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I get the feeling that I won’t enjoy it. I think it’s because it may look too sci-fi, I.E., Planet Earth won’t feature, at all.^^/



I’m now going to watch Only Fools and Horses on UK GOLD followed by Brand New Simpsons. =D


Happy Easter everyone^^/



ImageGood Friday! ^^/


Are you the type of person who holds grudges? I was, I had many in fact.


Growing up was painful in many aspects, especially if you can’t communicate well. I sometimes would say things that were rude and not realise that they were rude. Or, I said things I knew were rude but I didn’t know how to explain myself. I was a bit scared to explain why I said things in case I was being judged. I didn’t want to do anything that was deemed as “wrong” or do anything to tarnish my ‘polite gentleman’ reputation known to everyone.


It did feel that I was often judged because of the things I said. I would receive a stern telling off for being “rude” and “ignorant” and generally having no manners. I was always fighting a losing battle and not being able to explain my actions was extremely painful and it somewhat scarred me. Later on in life I received harsher warnings and criticisms if I made a mistake or messed something up that put everyone out.


So, I ended up having a grudge against many people, especially my teachers. From my point of view they showed no interest in trying to understand my needs. Or rather, they thought they knew me but really they didn’t know a thing. I felt they were being cruel for no reason. It was always a losing battle. I would sit back and let them tell me off for being “rude” because I knew if I attempted to explain, or I would be accused of “answering back”.  It always a ‘heads you win, tales, I lose’ situation.


They looked from their point of view and never tried to look from mine. Did they think that I wanted to be rude? How did they think I would feel when they were constantly reminding me of my mistakes? It’s not like I ever intended to be rude or deliberately get things wrong. So, why did everyone have to yell at me for doing something or saying something unintentional? Many emotions and many thoughts ran amok through my mind.


I think really, because it was an SEN school we were bought up to be polite “ladies” and polite “gentlemen”. When we greeted anyone, we were expected to shake hands as it was the “right thing” to do. But realistically shaking hands would only happen during formal occasions not on a daily basis. All in all I think that they were trying hard to make me into a “man” that they lost sight of me as a person. So, if I said anything “rude” or did anything “wrong” my teachers were quick to let me know.


As you can imagine, I had little confidence when I left school. I was scared to have my own personality and make friends with people in case I was judged or I said the wrong thing. This is where some of my grudges came from. I had a grudge towards many people as I felt I was never given the freedom to be myself, instead, I had to act in different ways to meet certain people’s “expectations.”


Now I’m a lot older I realised, naturally, that there are many people with many colourful personalities. So, why could I not have my own personality? My confidence sky rocketed towards the latter part of my Uni days and I like to think that I have an identity that I call my own. Many different people accepted me for the person I was and this made me feel more confident about myself.  I gradually relaxed more and made some friends. =)


It still felt bitter though, because I felt that I did miss out on making friends in my younger days.  Not now though. How I am right now has nothing to do with my past self. I’m in a good place and I have no need to bear grudges against the “scars” of my past. We can think about the past, we can consider what happens tomorrow but we all actually live for the moment. So that’s why I’m no longer caught up with living in the past. I am here, right now, sharing this story with a smile on my face. I’m in a good frame of mind.


It’s important to bear in mind that people who misunderstood me did not necessarily act out of malice, but out of ignorance and lack of consideration. That’s how I see it.




I’m not thinking about the past (at least until I was writing this blog, haha) I’m thinking; which food shall I eat now? Which new Anime shall I watch now? I hope Date A Live is available on Crunchyroll. Should I re-watch D-Frag? I fancy writing some notes of my story. I partly fancy drawing a fanart of Kirisaki Onodera from Nisekoi: False Love. I also want to watch the Simpsons on Sky One. Haha.


What do I feel like doing now?


That’s the question I always ask myself, and it’s the question that I’m asking myself right now. =D I felt like writing this blog so I wrote this blog in the given moment. But this moment is going to turn old in ten minutes time. So that’s why I never think about the past or future, I just live for the now. =)



Easter is finally here. =D I’m going to have a hot cross bun for dinner, will you? I wonder if the Easter Bunny will bring me chocolate this year? I guess I’ll find out next week. Haha!


Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful Easter.




Getting My Hair Cut


Spring Tidings!^^/


On this lovely spring day I started to reminisce, basking in the cool sun. Even though it’s only been a matter of years that I left college I realised that I’ve developed a lot as a person more than I realised. One of the biggest independent steps I have taken in my role of…independence is getting my hair-cut- at a hair salon.


In the past I use to scream the whole place down, making many ears bleed in the process. I was very talented at that back then. 😉 We can all laugh about it now, especially me, but I was severely Autistic back then. I absolutely hated change. If I needed a new pair of shoes, my Mum would have to get the exact ones but in bigger size. Same applied to getting a new coat, new pants, new toothpaste, and new duvet and so on…


So, with all these “quirks” in mind, getting a hair-cut was a nightmare experience. My thought process at that era… I have to sit idly in a chair whilst someone was touching me (I hated close contact and being touched). And I hated change, I.E., getting rid of hair that was on my head, which I grew accustomed to for many months. With that hair gone it was like losing a part of me as an individual…and made the back of my neck very cold!


What did work one time is when I bought a Thomas the Tank Engine toy with me. It made me feel safe, and I was engaged with the toy rather than having a hair-cut. The toy I bought along was Devious Diesel…a true scoundrel he was. I still have that very same toy with me today, safely placed in my very own Thomas the Tank Engine carrier case. ;-D


I did gradually get used to getting my hair-cut, especially after I found a certain hairstyle that I liked (that’s not an interesting story though, so I won’t delve into that. XD). But what was a bother though was every time I kept on changing hair salons and hairdressers. I needed familiar faces and familiar routines.


I went to the one in my local town but I was quite uncomfortable with it because it was very tiny and made me feel squashed. I went to another local salon for a good number of years. I do think I was quite successful there since I gradually became more independent and actually started to walk on my own. I still felt vastly uncomfortable though but I still managed. Sometimes I would get a hair-cut with either my mum or sister if I felt uneasy that very week. I think what made me nervous was how busy the whole place was. It wasn’t as cramped as the other local salon but it was much, much busier.


My confidence did grow every time I did go out independently to the hair salon, especially when I went to a new hair salon based in Westhoughton. The person who owns the hair salon or co owns the hair salon, actually used to work as a hair-cutter at the salon before I came to here. So, that especially enticed me to going to the hairdressers based in Westhoughton. I’ve known this person for… 10 years or so? Familiarity can be quite key for an autistic person, especially for me. Hey, that rhymed. =D




In all seriousness this is the ideal salon for me. It’s very spacious and the most people that will get their hair cut at the time will be three. It has a familiar face and it has a general nice presentation, especially that plant in the corner. XD Now I can talk without any worries. I do still get anxious every time I go there though but I’m like there every time I go out.


The Autism side of me surfaces at the thought of going out and harbouring the guilty feeling of doing something “wrong.”


So yes I’m very happy at the hairdressers I have now as it’s the first time I’ve been myself when getting my hair-cut.




Post WrestleMania 30 Review


Good Evening.^^/


It was one of those nights again where I went over to my brother’s, stayed up half the night to watch WWE wrestling. It wasn’t just an ordinary event though, it was Wrestlemania 30. =D I’m now going to share some of my thoughts on the segments and matches.


Opening Segment

It was a cool touch seeing Hogan, Stone Cold and Rock in the ring together. That slip up from Hogan when he said silver dome instead of super dome is definitely a memorable moment. The Rock was funny on the mic. In my opinion, this was a great way to kick off Wrestlemania 30.


Daniel Bryan vs Triple H

This was a fantastic match that had both elements of storyline and wrestling. I heard that Triple H beefed himself up in order to compete in this match, he certainly looked strong when he came out. My first thought was ‘My word, his neck’s disappeared!’ But then I thought ‘Wait, did he actually have a neck to begin with?’ XD Regardless, he looked the part.

I genuinely couldn’t anticipate the outcome of this battle but the match as a whole pleased me greatly. Triple H can still perform and he had one heck of a match with Daniel Bryan. This is without a doubt my favourite match of the night.


The Shield vs Kane and the New Age Outlaws

This was a pretty short match compared to Daniel Bryan and Triple H.

I would have liked to see the Shield perform for a little bit longer but I can see why this was made into a short match. Roman Reigns looked like a beast, with that double spear to the New Age Outlaws. The ending was just as cool with both the New Age Outlaws being at the end of the Powerbomb.

Do I believe in the Shield? …Yes. 😉


André the Giant Memorial Trophy Battle Royal

This was built up to make it look like Big Show would win. I felt that it would be more then appropriate that Big Show would win the trophy.  In truth, I was actually cheering Big Show to win but then surprise, surprise Cesaro won.

I most definitely did not see that coming. It was clever not to announce that he was participating or show his entrance. It seems like he’s going to become a face, which I approve, it could mean that he’s gunning for a championship once again. The way he threw Big Show out of the ring was most impressive and I’m glad to see the sportsmanship after the match.^^/


John Cena vs Bray Wyatt

Quite decent match.

There was quite a lot of deep psychological storyline from John Cena’s point of view. It seems like not only was he battling with Bray Wyatt but he was mostly fighting with himself. With the way the match was going it made you think that he was going to turn heel. I.E., beat Bray Wyatt down, go past boiling point, and beat him up more than necessary.

In the end it was John Cena’s victory. He might have won the battle but did he win the war? It would be interesting if this leads somewhere in the future, even if his feud with Bray Wyatt has ended.


Vickie Guerrero’s Divas Championship Invitational

I wonder how the Female wrestlers felt since this match happened right after the Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker match. AJ Lee winning was pretty much what I had expected. Although, the way AJ moved Naomi’s hand to make it look like she ‘tapped’ was very humorous to watch. =D


Triple Threat for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

I thought that Batista was going to win this match since I figured that it would have been part of his contract. I was surprised again when Daniel Bryan defied the odds and ended up winning the title. It was truly a magnificent sight.

I have been following Daniel Bryan’s career when he was known as the “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson. Never in a million years would I have thought that not only would he be in WWE, be the most popular superstar but, he would go on to headline Wrestlemania and win the championship! I’m very pleased for him. I wore his “YES” shirt and I chanted proudly when he won. Haha.

Bryan wrestled for just under 50 minutes in both matches combined. I’m calling it now, I want to see a 60 Minute Iron Man Match in next year’s WrestleMania between Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Cesaro and Adrian Neville. XD!

I’m hoping that Randy Orton is ok. When he used the RKO (well, technically Neckbreaker. XD) on Daniel Bryan it looked like he landed on the small TV monitor thing. He looked like he was in a lot of pain and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t wrestle for a couple of weeks.


Finally, this wasn’t the last match but it’s the match that I have the most views on…


Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker.

I wasn’t really engaged with the hype and build-up of this match. Like a lot of people out there I automatically assumed that the Undertaker was going to win. I just thought that Brock wouldn’t gain anything from ending Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak since he’s a part time wrestler. Then, to my utmost surprise, Lesnar pins the Undertaker for the 1-2-3! =O

I was literally dumbstruck and so was everyone in New Orleans. You could’ve heared a pin drop, it was that quiet. I actually don’t think the commentators knew that the Undertaker was going to lose since their reaction seemed genuine.

I can’t really say that I approve of Undertaker losing, especially at Wrestlemania, but don’t necessarily agree with him losing to Brock. What did Brock gain from beating the Undertaker? In my opinion if the Undertaker was going to lose his streak he should have lost it to someone of the future like Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns.  Not to someone who performs part time. Is there a secret motive to Brock Lesnar winning? Or is Lesnar going to become a full time wrestler from now on?

I felt a bit sorry for the Undertaker in general, watching the match it looked like the Undertaker was struggling to walk. Was his age catching up with him? Or are his legs going? I did get the impression that Lesnar was holding back as usually he could pound his opponents down with no remorse. He didn’t do that with the Undertaker.


So, with all that in mind, it begs the question, what of the Undertaker now? I’ll toss up a couple of theories now.


The Undertaker’s Future

What I’m thinking now is a mixture of what I’d like to happen and what could happen.

It’s no secret that Sting wants to fight the Undertaker, and it’s no secret that we all want that to happen. Since Sting’s TNA time is over the rumours of him coming to WWE have been stronger than ever.

I propose that the Undertaker and Sting have been in talks about how to make their match as realistic and most anticipated as possible. They have to make it in a way where the Undertaker and Sting are equal. Perhaps they’re working it for the following WrestleMania?

But, how do you get Sting and Undertaker on equal footing? If Undertaker goes undefeated against Sting then we can all guess for England that the Undertaker will walk away the victor. However, since he lost to Brock Lesnar, if that match between Taker and Sting was arranged then that would make them equal. So, maybe that’s the main reason why Brock beat the Undertaker. The Undertaker wanted someone to beat him for the build-up to his match against Sting and the only wrestler that could legitimately beat Taker was Brock.

I have been speculating all this time that Sting will make an entrance on Monday Night Raw, the one after Wrestlemania and interrupts Undertaker’s “retirement” speech.

There’s a strong chance that the Undertaker will come out on Raw this evening, make an “important announcement” and then Sting comes in and make his WWE debut for the first ever time. =D I seriously want that to happen and I would love it more if he gets back his crow look and crow music from his WCW days. I especially hope for the silent Sting, where stories were told with his eyes rather than through speaking. =D


I say all this but most of it is just me hoping to see Sting in the WWE, especially against the Undertaker.

If Sting should appear in the WWE then I would want to be taken by surprise. It’s because of that reason that I’m avoiding all media as much as I can. I can’t wait for Raw tonight. =D


Winding Down



I never planned to make a Wrestlemania review but when I woke up very late this morning/afternoon I suddenly had the urge to.


Boy, did I go to bed late last night, and I’ve got badminton this evening! I’m definitely going to sleep sound tonight. =D




World Autism Awareness Day

ImageHi Everyone! ^^/


You may or may not know but today is World Autism Awareness Day. =)


Autism, as some of you may already know, is sometimes known as a ‘Hidden Disability.’ It is known as this mainly due to the fact Autism is a mental condition and some consider it a mental illness. If someone has a physical disability, you can see that they have a disability. If someone has Autism or a mental illness, it isn’t obvious because you can’t see it.


I’ll give you an example of a conversation I had with a tutor during my University days. He has a sister who has Autism/Aspergers. He told me that she likes to sing and dance on a bus. She was quite happy singing and dancing and I for one, see no problem with it. However, because this is not seen as ‘The Norm’ many people would glare and pass rude and hurtful remarks.

He told me:

‘My sister has special needs but like you [Me] it’s not obvious that she has Autism. If someone who has Down syndrome did a dance on a public bus then everyone would be sympathetic and be more understanding. However, if they didn’t have a look of ‘special needs’ like say ‘autism’ and they danced and sang around, they gave her cold stares.’

He also spoke about advertisements where the pictures/images are usually modelled by people who look like they have special needs. I must say that what he says is quite true. I’ve been a victim of misunderstandings many, many times. It was frustrating because I was unable to explain my ‘quirks’. Nowadays I tell you my thoughts as I can socialise much better, however, there’s still many Autistic people out there who are unable to explain their ‘quirks’. That is why World Autism Awareness Day exists, today, in order to promote the awareness of Autism.


Today’s society is a lot more aware of what Autism is, but, there are still a good number of people who remain ignorant. But, it’s important to bear in mind that it’s not necessarily their fault. Most of it is due to lack of awareness. I remember doing an Auto-Biography Performance about my life with Autism and you will be surprised how much knowledge ‘normal’ people will gain if you give them the appropriate information.


Minds can be open, even if they are narrow. =)


Good Day.^^/