My Rating System

Good Day.^^/

I intend to use this rating system for manga reviews, game reviews, film reviews and anime reviews. I’m going to give you an example of how I would rate manga so I can explain my thoughts better. =)

Two Thumbs-Down:

Two Thumbs-Down

I would give two thumbs down if I find a certain manga unreadable, or, I dislike it in many ways. I hardly doubt I would ever give a manga this rating though. If I disliked a manga to that degree then I would probably stop reading it altogether.

One Thumb’s-Down:


In a certain manga I may find many vices or things that irk me but I can find positive points, especially if it’s humorous.^^/


Thumbs So-So

I’m rather neutral about this manga, I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. I would likely read this to pass the time or if I had nothing else to read.

One Thumb’s-Up:


I find this is a good read. What I look for in a manga is the humour. If this manga makes me laugh or chuckle on more than one occasion then I will give this One Thumb’s-Up.

One Thumb’s-Up and a Pinky:


If I like this more then One Thumb’s-Up but less then Two Thumb’s-Up, this would be the happy medium. =)

Two Thumbs-Up:

Two Thumbs-Up

I connect with this manga very strongly. It makes me laugh a lot even after I re-read this a good number of times. I experience many emotions when I read this book and I can re-read this countless of times and never tire of it.^^/


I like to think that my rating system is pretty simple to understand. If you have any questions, just give a shout. =D



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