Journey to Tumbleweed Station

Daily the Diesel Railcar stamp


Peep, Peep Tidings.^^/


  1. Introduction

Dad has a wonderful surprise prepared for me, a trip to a train station/museum.


I must admit I was pretty apprehensive when he suddenly told me that we were going out. I don’t normally appreciate sudden surprises like that. I think it didn’t help because fatigue started to spread. I’ve been going out non stop to the cinema. In the past few days I went to watch Transformers: Age of Extinction and Inbetweeners 2. I wasn’t used to going out for hours on end day after day, not since my Uni days.


But, I wasn’t as anxious as he was very specific about certain parts of the information. He told me how long it will take, how long we will walk for, I would need my camera and how long the journey was. I felt easier after that.


I felt easier because I had a hunch, halfway through the journey, that we were going to some railway exhibition. Whilst I had my suspicions I didn’t give the game so it didn’t spoil dad’s surprise. … I can’t remember for now what the station was called, so for now, I’m calling it Tumbleweed Station.


  1. Tumbleweed Station

The station was small-ish and beside the station there was a big place with scrapped coaches and a scrapped saddletank type engine.[1] It looked a sorry sight. It was a very positive atmosphere though and there were children, grandparents and adults with additional needs visiting. A glassed train set of Thomas and Emily was on display. The models were huge. =)


We went onto the platform… a huge water tank stood tall beside it. That was exciting because I always wanted to see a water tank in real life, and now I have. The other thing that I wanted to see was a steam train on a turntable, but that’s another story! …on one set of tracks was a BR class Diesel Shunter.[2] It stood behind a huge line of tar/oil wagons.


Right in front of us was a Diesel Railbus, built in 1958 for the British Railways. In other words, it’s Daisy the Diesel Rail-car from Thomas the Tank Engine. Think of it like a singular bus that operates on the rails, which is why it’s called Railbus. XD Some of you Thomas fans may already know but Boco the Diesel Electric type diesel and Daisy actually share the same faces. All they do is add mascara, powder the cheeks and add lip-gloss to transform him into Daisy. So it’s like Boco making himself up for a pantomime performance, but instead of playing the role of the ugly sister, he’s playing the role of Daisy. 😉




It was the very first time that I ever rode the diesel rail-cart and it was a pleasant experience.


Generally speaking it was all very loud and hyper due to the excitement brewing in the room. I felt squashed and closed in when I entered the rail-car. That aspect of the journey was uncomfortable plus the sheer volume of noise. Then came the part when we journeyed along the line… it was a good experience. We passed signs, waved to people as we passed and we came to a stop, just before a set of buffers. We journeyed across a crossing way too. I was excited, like with the water tank this was the first time that I ever seen a set of train buffers before my very eyes. The driver was mighty close to the passengers; you could gauge everything from his own perspective.


We went backwards to venture back to Tumbleweed Station. I wanted to thank the driver for a safe journey but I wasn’t able to greet him. It was all a good experience. I must be honest though when I say that I was expecting a steam locomotive. That would have been extra special. I somehow was expecting a saddletank engine like Percy. The first time I physically went inside a steam train was Toby and Thomas when I went to a train exhibition in Keighley. It would be a nice experience to be inside a train like the Flying Scotsman or perhaps in a carriage.


  1. Aftermath

After the train ride we just took the time to have a gander at the museum. It was a nice little museum with interesting facts not just about the trains, but about the docks itself. They were interesting facts but by this time it was getting to be a long day and I was ready to come home.


The workshop is a lot smaller in comparison to the Railway Museum in York, still a nice workshop regardless.


I might have been tired and anxious but I was still able to think rationally and adapt to others. For example, for entering spaces and doors…instead of going first I let the rowdy children with their parents and adults with additional needs go first…I don’t know them as individuals but I would imagine that they would rather get off asap instead of waiting. So, I tried to accommodate and allowed them to go through the door first. The adult gent with additional needs smiled at me with a very loud voice. I smiled back and gestured for him to go first. I didn’t really know what he was saying but I interpreted it as to something nice. =)


It was a good day out. Dad stressed that he won’t surprise me like that again but he figured that I would enjoy this. He’s right on all accounts!




What gets me through my anxious and Autistic quirks is positive thinking, my personal remedies and not over thinking. I just need to go with the philosophy of don’t think, do. If I think then my mind is all over the place. If I don’t think, then I’m living in the moment. Knowing and accepting this is one thing, but actually abiding by this rule is no easy challenge.


Thanks for reading.





Ps. I just found out that the station is actually called Ribble Steam Railway. Haha.


[1] Think a train like Percy the Small Engine from the Thomas the Tank Engine series.

[2] Think Salty the Diesel from Thomas the Tank Engine

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