Post WWE Wrestlemania 31 Thoughts

Wrestlemania 31 poster

Wo, oh, oh! Wo, oh, oh, Wrestlemania!

Haha. I still have that theme on one of my old school wrestling soundtracks.

I really had fun last night. I played the new Mario Party game with my wrestling crew whilst munching on cheesy pizza. I lost plenty of times but it was still fun. I can play games now without being overly competitive. =)

The stadium that held Wrestlemania 31 was spectacular. The last time I recall an open stadium was when the Undertaker beat Giant Gonzalez and Yokozuna beat Bret Hart but went on to lose to Hulk Hogan. Coincidentally, this was a Wrestlemania event as well. The atmosphere at this year’s Wrestlemania looked very lively and jubilant. I don’t think I would have enjoyed it though, I’m more than happy to watch it on TV. =)

  1. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (champions) beat The New Day vs Los Matadores beat The Usos (Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Championship Match)

I think this was a good way to kick off the event on the pre-show. I got confused during this match a couple of times. I didn’t know what was going on, and I don’t think the referee did either. Haha. I’m glad that Kidd and Cesaro managed to retain the titles in the end.

  1. Big Show won by last eliminating Damien Mizdow (30-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal)

In this battle royale I was rooting for Kenta, aka Hideo Itami, and Damien Mizdow.

I actually thought Sheamus was going to make a surprise entrance and win. However, he never showed up. I’m going to make a random prediction for tonight’s Raw… Bad News Barrett speaks about his disappointment of losing the title. He will either say that he deserves a rematch or he offers an open challenge. Whatever happens I bet Sheamus is going to come down, make a “surprise” return and beat Bad News Barrett.

Back to the match… It was at the back of my mind that Ryback or Big Show will probably win it, however, I was really rooting for Mizdow. I was really happy that he made it to the last two and I got excited at the prospect of him winning the actual match. I think he has more to gain by winning than the Big Show does. Ultimately, the Big Show won. I was really gutted about this but I’m happy to see Mizdow doing himself justice. I hope he gets a big push now. =)

  1. Daniel Bryan beat Bad News Barrett (champion), Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, R-Truth and Stardust (Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship)

This was a really good match. All ladder matches tend to be good. My favourite one is still Razor Ramon vs Shawn Michaels. All the stunts the wrestlers pulled were dangerous. I’m really pleased that Daniel Bryan won but I wouldn’t have minded if Barrett retained the title. I wore my Daniel Bryan “yes” T-shirt with pride.^^/

  1. Randy Orton beat Seth Rollins (Singles Match)

I enjoyed this match, especially the ending. I was anticipating that Randy was going to do a crazy RKO, and I was right. However, I never anticipated that he would launch Seth the way he did. I’m quite glad that Rollins performed that Phoenix Splash…I think that’s what it’s called. It’s a great move whatever it is.

  1. Triple H beat Sting (No Disqualification)

Me and my brother have been waiting for a long time for Sting to come to WWE. I was extremely excited when he first appeared. He made his debut at Survivor Series. I wonder if this was deliberate as Undertaker made his debut at Survivor Series as well.

I kept getting excited every time Sting made an appearance or cut a promo on Raw. He looked really strong going into this match. I wasn’t expecting a long fast paced match between these two wrestlers. I was just glad that Sting was finally going to wrestle in a WWE ring.

This match was exciting and it went to the point where I couldn’t predict the outcome. I do question the entrances though. I didn’t really engage with Sting’s entrance, I was more confused with what was happening. I think an orchestra would have been more appropriate and would have made the music slow and mystical. I think that’s more Sting’s character then the percussion music that he came out to.

I was a little confused by Triple H’s entrance as well. However, on reflection, I wonder if that’s to promote Arnold Schwarzenegger and his new Terminator film? It did make me immediately think of the time when Robo Cop busted Sting out of that cage in WCW. It’s very creative though, Triple H sees Sting as the enemy so he must take him “down”.

I enjoyed the match a lot more than I thought I would. I got excited when DX interfered and Sting took out Triple along with Billy Gunn, Road Dogg and X-Pac with a flying crossbody. My heart skipped when Nash, Hall and Hogan came down and fought as the N.W.O. I never thought I would see DX and N.W.O. square off like that. Then you have Shawn Michaels making an appearance and did the Sweet Chin Music on Sting.

In the end, all it took was a sledgehammer for Triple H beat Sting…

I was really, really gutted and a little upset. WWE were building Sting up and making him appear strong. Plus, it was his debut in WWE so surely he was going to win. Sting losing doesn’t really make sense to me. I was very confident that Sting was going to win. Did they big him up on purpose so we didn’t anticipate his loss? Does that mean that Sting is going to disappear now? Is there going to be a re-match between Triple H and Sting? They both shook hands at the end of the match so it does make me think that this feud is probably going to end for now.

Sting breaking the sledgehammer with his baseball bat was cool.

Regardless, I did enjoy it. I enjoyed seeing DX and N.W.O. square off and I enjoyed seeing Sting in the WWE ring for the first time. =)

  1. AJ Lee and Paige beat The Bella Twins (Tag Team Match)

It was rather humorous to see AJ getting knocked off the apron before she had been tagged in. I really liked Paige’s attire. It was both cool and easy on the eye. I’m glad her Wrestlemania debut was a win.

  1. John Cena beat Rusev (WWE United States Championship)

Rusev’s entrance was very grand. I’m not sure about those soldiers though… their legs didn’t look very natural when they were marching. They looked rubber. Haha.

If anyone was going to beat Rusev for the US title, it was going to be John Cena. I think on Raw tonight the huge US flag is going to drop down, just like how the Russian flag has been dropping down on recent episodes of Raw. =)

I’m pleased to see Lana back.

  1. The Undertaker beat Bray Wyatt (Singles Match)

Admittedly, I was very nervous about this match up. It’s no secret that the Undertaker had a nasty concussion last year in his match against Lesnar. How was he going to fare this year? If he fights this year.

He did fight this year… I think he has done better this year than he did last year. He did the Old School move. He looks very healthy. I was anxious at times whenever he wobbled about. Were these wobbly moments part of the act or had he suffered another concussion? I’m glad he won this year and I really, really liked his match with Wyatt.

I’m still with the view that the Undertaker’s streak should never have been broken, especially by Lesnar. I can understand why WWE chose Lesnar to beat Undertaker’s streak so I’m not complaining but I still maintain my views from last year.

  1. Seth Rollins beat Brock Lesnar (champion) and Roman Reigns (Triple Threat Match)

I think this was a great conclusion. I honestly thought that Lesnar would win the match and Rollins “cashes” in his Money in the Bank after the match. When Lesnar executed that third F5, it did cross my mind, at that point, that Rollins would cash in there and then. It turns out that he actually did! I was really happy that he did. I was even happier that he actually won the title. As far as I’m aware no one has cashed in the Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania before.

I do wonder what’s going to happen now. Will Orton challenge Rollins for the world championship? Will Big Show and Roman Reigns be part of the world championship picture as well? Maybe Sheamus will be added to the equation when he returns. I think I’ll have a good idea when Raw airs tonight.


 Sting diving

This has certainly thrown my sleeping pattern off schedule. I went to bed late but got up early. Haha. I was invited out to the pub quiz this evening but I decided not to go as I wanted to use today and this evening to slob about. Usually I would feel self-guilty and worry about not socialising, but I was too tired and relaxed to let it become an issue. Haha.

Thanks for reading.^^/


Gonna Be the Twin-Tail!! Anime Review

Gonna Be the Twin Tail!!


Souji, a first year high school student, has a deep love and affection for the “twintails” hairstyle. He likes them so much that he filled in a form to establish a “twintails” club. A beautiful girl, Twoearle, appears before him one day and gives him a bracelet which gives him the power to transform into a powerful warrior called Tail Red. With this new found power Souji swears that he will protect everyone with twintails and fight to keep peace on Earth.

  1. THEME
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • School
  • Shounen[1]


This show is very silly and daft, yet, I really, really enjoyed it. Haha.

If I were to describe the show’s theme, I would say that it’s the battle of the fetishes. Haha. However, the word “fetish” is never used; instead, the term is “attributes”. The main attribute that the enemy is after are girls who have pigtails, or rather, twintails. Twintails is the most powerful er… source of magic, in the whole world. The enemy who come out to attack each having individual fetish traits, or rather, attributes, that they specialise in. It’s rather tricky to explain, it’s one of those you have to watch yourself to understand.

The battles are fun to watch, I think they’re both cool and silly at the same time. I especially liked Soji’s first battle when he transformed into Tail Red. That long jumped that saw him crashing into that huge building was especially funny. He literally couldn’t control his own power when he transformed, and why would he? No one realistically should be able to adapt that quickly. Haha. The other twintail fighters are really good as well and they all have a nice contrast with each other. Tail Red has a sword and the element fire, Tail Blue has a lance and the element water and Tail Yellow has a gun and heavy armour and the element lightning.

I can’t really take the enemy seriously. I don’t think the enemy, Ultimaguil, are actually villainous, they’re just out for their own personal gain and desire. They’re often sent out to “steal” the twintail attributes but instead of doing their job they just do as they please.

I actually think the twintail warriors have their own “attributes” aside from twintails. Erina, aka Tail Yellow, is a secret masochist and gets aroused when Soji calls her name, haha. Aika, aka Tail Blue, although never acknowledged in the show I think she does display a lot of sadistic traits. When I think about it, she does literally throw punches when she is angry, and most of the time Twoearle is on the receiving end of it. I would say poor Twoearle but she does provoke Aika. I wouldn’t say she does this deliberately but I think it’s more about Twoearle not reading the situation. XD Soji, aka Tail Red, loves lips and girls. Liking lips and girls isn’t really an attribute but it certainly does any harm to Soji. =)

Comedy aside, there is one aspect of the show that I especially like. Normally in anime you will see the childhood friend or precious friend, with tsundere traits, beat up her love interest out of jealously or embarrassment. Aika is the childhood friend of Soji and she has a lot of sadistic traits, however, she has never beaten Soji up. That makes a nice change as I don’t really like to see girls hitting their love interests as I always think they’re unjustified.

I think Twoearle is supposed to be a bit of a mad scientist who is constantly aroused. Haha. Her backstory and battles with Ultimaguil is quite serious and you wouldn’t think it with her hyperactive personality. She keeps on getting herself into sticky situations where she will receive a brutal beating from Aika. I don’t think she means to provoke Aika is just that she doesn’t think before she speaks. It’s not a secret that she’s after Soji’s virginity so Aika is extra protective of him.

I still like Twoearle though. Even if she is mad, she has a good heart. I actually wonder if the name Twoearle is a pun of the word “twirl?” That’s how I keep hearing her name.

Lastly, I’m not sure how I feel about Erina’s head maid, Mikoto. She’s her head maid yet she’s trying to get men to fill in her marriage forms so she can get married. Haha. If she got married then wouldn’t that mean that she loses her position as Erina’s head maid? She must be desperate; she even tried to make Soji sign the marriage form. Haha.


One Thumb’s-Up and a Pinky. (My Rating System) (My Anime Rankings)



Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! Light Novel Illustration

Apparently this week is actually Autism Awareness week. I felt like I should have known this. What I will do now though is post a past blog from last year and share it on Tumblr. I will now spend the rest of the day probably watching some anime, draw a drawing, and get excited for Wrestlemania 31. I’m especially looking forward to the match between Triple H and Sting. =)


[1] The target audience of this manga is boys. Shounen means boy in Japanese.

KanColle Anime Review


For a good year or so there has been a lot of hype and popularity about KanColle. I didn’t know much about this except that it was a card game and that each character represented certain ships. Either way I decided to give this a watch. =)


In this world humanity has lost control of the oceans to the “Deep Sea Fleet”. A group of fleet girls, who possess the spirit of past iconic warships, are called the “Kanmusu”, and are humanity’s only hope. The story revolves around Fubuki, a little destroyer who comes to the naval base to train with other Kanmusu to hone her skills and go off to battle.

  1. THEME
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Military
  • Sci-Fi
  • School


In my head I thought KanColle was going to be a mixture of Girls Und Panzer and Strike Witches. My thinking was right except for the obvious difference, girls battling with ship parts attached to their body. The ship parts that are attached to their body act like battle armour. I also gathered that each character in the show is based on past Japanese warships.

I really like the concept of this show. It’s very quirky and refreshing.

One of my favourite charms of the show is the way the girls rejuvenate themselves after being damaged in battled. It’s both fun and quirky. I was confused at first when Akagi and Atago kept referring the huge baths as ‘docks.’ I eventually figured out that these ‘docks’ actually ‘repair’ the characters when they’re soaking in baths. It usually takes Akagi longer to heal since she’s super strong but if the Admiral gives her special water then she can heal in a matter of seconds.

I was surprised and saddened by Kisaragi’s death, or in Kancolle’s term ‘sunk.’ You can expect death in action type anime but as this was a light-hearted show I assumed that no deaths would occur. Mutsuki was somewhat in-denial and didn’t want to accept Kisaragi’s death as a possibility. Deep down, everyone knew. Fubuki eventually helped Mutsuki to come to terms with the loss.

I heard a lot of hype centring about this girl called Shimakaze. She is quite cute and eccentric. She even has her own gun type mascots. It’s all quite funny. She has great battle style and she sort of works well together with her mascots. She seems to be a very carefree type who isn’t necessarily rebellious but is not good at being punctual.

I like pretty much all the characters really as they’re all unique in their own way.

Kongou is among my favourite characters and it’s a big bonus that she came from Britain. I’m probably a little biased in that regard. Haha. I noticed in anime that generally most characters that are British or American are depicted with blonde hair. This is probably to show that these characters are definitely from the western continent. It’s not a criticism, far from it, but I do find it refreshing to see a British character with light brown hair. =)

My initial view on Kongou was very much like Fubuki’s. I thought she was going to be strong and cool like Akagi but with a more bubbly personality. However, she has turned out to be very eccentric and a happy-go-lucky type of girl who wants to get it on with the Admiral. Haha. In fact, I actually like her more than my initial views. She actually helped Fubuki to reach a closure with Kisaragi’s death. That was a sweet moment.

I didn’t know what I was expecting really, but I certainly expected to see the Admiral as a character. But, he never appears in the normal way. It’s difficult to explain but it’s like the Admiral shares the same perspective as the viewer. So, I could easily imagine myself as the Admiral and interacting with the characters of the show.

Kongou started to grow on me after a couple of episodes. She really is cool and energetic. I love it especially when she breaks out English words like “what” and general curses in English. Haha. It is nice that she nominated Fubuki to be in charge of the Carrier Squad One… I think that’s what they’re called. I naturally assumed that Kongou was going to be the leader as she is probably the strongest in that group.

Akagi is showing a lot of her innocence too. In the curry episode she didn’t pay much heed to the competition and just munched away at the ingredients. That was especially cute. I felt a bit sorry for the teacher that lost. I felt that Nagato should have let the teacher won as it clearly left a mental scar.

One of my favourite moments in this show is the introduction of Yamato. I think she is an absolute beauty. I love her personality and the colour of her plum hair. I think by this point I started to understand the concept of this show more. The heavier the armour on the girl, the hungrier she will get. So, Yamato would need more food than Akagi as she wears more armour. I’m under the impression that food acts more like their fuel. Yamato’s food needs are bigger than Akagi’s, but Akagi’s food needs are bigger than Fubuki’s. Girls are really cute when they eat, probably because they pout and cheeks puff out whilst they munch.^^/

In the same episode of Yamato’s introduction, Kongou corrects Fubuki on how the world “hotel” is pronounced. It’s not “ho-te-ru” it’s “hotel!” That was such a good moment. My favourite English word she uses is still “what!?” Kongou is slowly becoming my favourite character at this point. =D It was sweet how Fubuki was trying to encourage Yamato to venture out into the ocean, even if it meant facing punishment from Nagato.

Aww, Yuudachi upgraded into a new model design. She looks cute. For some reason, I seem to think she grew more innocent both in personality and in appearance. Perhaps it’s her hairstyle that looks like a pair of rabbit ears?

I really did feel for Fubuki. One minute she went from being the flagship in her unit and receiving a pat on the head from Akagi to being sent back to the navy district. Once again it was Kongou who comforted the crying Fubuki. She is eccentric and cute but she also very talented when it comes to comforting people, evident in this scene. The clue does come from the opening song video where we see Fubuki in the rain. She looked to her side to find a smiling Kongou with an umbrella. To me, that part of the video shows that no matter how hard the rain falls, Kongou will always be the sunshine in Fubuki’s rain. The sad scene was followed up by “Sssh, quiet please!” I can’t help but smile and laugh every time she breaks out an English phrase.

I did suspect that Fubuki was going to be called back for a strong reason. It turns out that she was going to be upgraded to a stronger model.

In other news, the ending song is really growing on me. The title of the song “Fubuki” is aptly named. I can’t get the song out of my head. It’s literally the first thing I hear when I wake up in the morning.

Well, will you look at that. The Admiral has gone missing. My response comes in the form of me shrugging my shoulders. Haha. I can’t really get behind the Admiral character as we don’t see him. I really do think that the Admiral is supposed to be us, the viewer. So, I could be the Admiral. If I was the real Admiral though I would get out of my office and spend more time with the ladies. I’d also invite Yamato onto my lap all day long.


Enough of my delusions!

Fubuki had one of those moments where she is completely caught up in her own importance. This was highly demonstrated when she didn’t stop to talk to Akagi, one of her most important people.  She realised her mistake in the end. It happens to the best of us. One never stops learning, no matter how old you are. =)

It was nice when Akagi asked Fubuki to be her escort. I did see it coming. Does Akagi even need an escort? By what I’ve seen, she seems plenty of strong enough. Still, it’s nice that the two can spend some time at sea together. It was a good endurance test for Fubuki and in the end she came out triumphant. She completed Kaga’s “test”. Not only did she become Akagi’s escort, she even got a new model. Her armour looks cool but her physical appearance stayed the same. I’m especially pleased about that.

Oicchi’s obsession for Kitamara is really not healthy. I know they’re sisters but I think Oicchi needs to give Kitamara some space, but Kitamara doesn’t look like she minds too much. I like how laid back she is.

Eep, Akagi is trying to change the fate of everyone and is leading the fighting group. It looks like she’s in a lot of trouble in episode 11. Cliffhanger time. I wonder why Fubuki and Kongou are left behind. Perhaps they’ll come in time to save the day? With Yamato? I’m pleased that she ended up going out to sea in the end. She looks very sophisticated and cool when she was ready to launch. =)

I wonder what the enemy girls are like. When I look at them they appear to be robotic, as if they’re being controlled. It makes me wonder if these enemy girls have emotions or individuality traits. I am especially intrigued about the Airfield Princess. At this moment I think she is the enemy’s trump card.

The last episode was good. It was a very intense battle and all the fleet girls were trying their best to change their fate. It was especially exciting when Nagato appeared at the battle scene. I thought she was a complete badass when she was fighting. We find out in the last episode as well that the Admiral is back and alive. My response to that… comes in the form of shrugging my shoulders. Haha.

I really enjoyed this show and I’m looking forward towards the future sequel. =)


One Thumb’s-Up and a Pinky. (My Rating System) (My Anime Rankings)




I was actually expecting this show to air 24 episodes in this season and was somewhat surprised to find that it’s only 12. I’m not exactly shocked but I’m more disappointed because I did enjoy this anime. =)


Nurse Hitomi’s Monster Infirmary Volume One Review

Dr Hitomi Monster Informary Volume one cover


The school nurse, Dr Hitomi, is a cyclops that welcomes you to her monster infirmary any time of the day. If you have a health problem or going through adolescence, Dr Hitomi will offer a gentle and logic solution to the student in need.

  1. THEME
  • Comedy
  • School
  • Supernatural
  • Seinen[1]


This manga raised my spirits.

What I gathered by reading this is that there are a number of students and general people in this story that have a problem with self-confidence. Whilst this story is somewhat set in a fantasy, since it involves a bunch of fantasy type characters, it deals with real life problems as well. We usually worry about ourselves and self-image when we’re growing up, mostly in school and college.

We create these worries through self-doubt and over-thinking. We grow up in different ways, we act in different ways, we think in different ways. I think the main focus of this story is individuality and acceptance.

There is no one better to reassure the self-doubting students then Dr Hitomi. She is a wonderful person. She might be the school’s nurse but she heals more than just cuts and bruises. She helps her students overcome their own problems. All the students have unique monster-esque features as well, so self-acceptance does come slowly for each character.

I think Hitomi does a great job making her students feel better and it isn’t because she’s perfect, it’s because she goes through her own problems as well. She cares about her students deeply, and they appreciate her kindness and sensitive nature. I nearly said it’s because she’s human like everyone else, but I’m not sure if a human actually exists in the story, haha. Sometimes Dr Hitomi needs reassurance herself even if she is the best at reassuring and helping others. It is human nature. Saying the word “human” is probably not appropriate but there’s no other way for me to describe it. Haha.

She’s really cute as well. She might be a cyclops but I think her glossy eye is gorgeous. It’s also hard to not smile at her innocent nature, especially when she begs her dad for ice cream. I didn’t expect her Dad to be a bear, I actually thought that was her date. Haha. Who would have thought?


One Thumb’s-Up.^^/ (My Rating System)



Dr Hitomi and Manako

I think this is a rather cool picture between Dr Hitomi and Manako from Monster Musume. It’s a crossover that I highly approve of. I definitely approve of this monster girl niche. =)

Oh, by the way, this is my 100th blog post. I was aware that my 100th post was just around the corner so I was planning to post a review of No Game No Life anime or High School DxD volume four. However, this defeats the object of doing things in the ‘moment’. And as I’ve already written this blog, I decided to post it here and now. And I will continue to do this. =)

Thanks for reading. =)


[1] The target audience of this manga is towards an older gentleman with the age range from 18 to 30.

Solar Eclipse: Then and Now

Solar Eclipse

Good Morning.^^/

  1. THEN

I remember the first time I saw the Solar Eclipse. It was back in 1999.

It was arranged for my class to go on a trip to the countryside to see the Solar Eclipse take place. Lots of other people went to this countryside too. We had to wear these special glasses to protect our eyes from the sun. To me, those glasses seemed more appropriate for cinema use rather than star gazing. Haha.

I remember the advert that involved the teacher and her primary school students. It was advertising Jaffa cakes but it was relevant to the Solar eclipse. She kept on eating these Jaffa cakes to demonstrate how the Solar Eclipse works. She said “Full moon!” and took half a bite of the Jaffa cake. She then said “Half moon!” and eat the other half of the Jaffa cake. She then said “Total Eclipse!” and she eat the whole Jaffa cake. The children then had to repeat her words. It was really funny. Does anyone else remember that advert?

I remember this one particular situation when I was at that countryside. I saw these two lads, both in white tops, walking past me. They both seemed nervous. I thought nothing more of it. I was too busy trying to comfort my eyes from looking at the sun too much. Haha.

This gentleman then came up to my teachers and asked if they have seen these certain lads that he was looking for. He described what they look like and his descriptions matched the same lads that I saw walking past me from moments ago. So, I said “they went up there” and I pointed in the direction that I saw them go. All the teachers looked at me, laughed and told me not to make things up. They apologised to the gentleman and told him that they didn’t know where they were…

I was somewhat frustrated at that moment, because I knew that I was right. Five minutes later, he came back and told us all that the lads he was looking for was “up ahead”. This meant that I was right. The teachers apologised to me at that moment. I think this was probably the first time that I received an apology from an adult. It was very weird but in a good way. To me this meant that even adults make mistakes, not just children. I was very happy. =)

I saw the Solar Eclipse with my very eyes at that moment, and saw a beautiful crimson red shining around it.

This was a very good moment. This marked the last time that the solar eclipse would happen in that Millennium, and I saw it happen. =)

  1. NOW

The Solar Eclipse that happened today was as lovely as I remember it from 1999. I snapped a few decent shots with my phone camera, although the dark clouds did get in the way. Getting a good shot was quite difficult. I still like the photos that I snapped though. =)

I was squinting towards the sun a couple of times. I couldn’t look at it directly since it wouldn’t be healthy for the eyes. At that very moment I saw a red crimson circle shining the moon and sun. I think you call this the diamond ring. I don’t understand the terms correctly but I’m pretty sure that this is called the diamond ring. I saw this from the garden of my house. The moon was moving really fast, much faster then I remember from last time.

I’ll share this one picture with you that I snapped personally. It’s not the clearest but it’s the best that I could do. =)



Non Non Biyori Wallpaper

As of right at this moment, as I’m looking up at the sun again, it looks like Pacman is trying to eat the clouds. Haha! I’m now going to take this time to comfort my eyes and have a good look at my phone. The camera part of my phone stopped working. Whoops! Haha.

Thanks for reading. =)



The Acting World: Autobiography Play (Part One)


It’s show blog time!^^/


This blog is all about a play I wrote and starred in. This play is about my life when I was small. I showed everyone what it’s like to live with Autism and explained how I saw the world from my point of view. However, before I talk about the performance itself I feel that it’s necessary to dig further into the past. By doing so, it will explain a lot of things and my past going into the performance. It won’t take long. I promise. =)


I was diagnosed with Autism around the age of 2, when I was attending nursery education unit. It was usual for children to attend the nursery for one year. However, since I was part of the special needs area I stayed there for 2 years. The doctor who diagnosed me with Autism said that I my quality of life will probably never improve. I will never look anyone in the eye, I will never engage in a conversation and I will more or less be trapped in my own world. For a few years, he was right…

When I turned 5 I started to attend a SEN school. It was literally just up the road from my old nursery, so that was a bit of good fortune.

In my school days, especially when I was younger, I was extremely quiet. Because I was quiet and was unable to communicate, the teachers found it hard to understand me. Not necessarily because to be mean, more likely through lack of knowledge/experience. They would often talk about me and my “problems” in front of me, assuming that I didn’t know what they were talking about. However, I could usually read the situation by their facial expression and tone of their voice.

The majority of my school life was frustration. The frustration of not being able to talk. I think I was probably capable of speaking but I didn’t know how to. I think my subconscious held me back from speaking and interacting with others. I was able to string sentences together when I was 10 or 11. Before then I just spoke words every once in a while. I even started to open up my bubble a little bit. I somewhat started to understand how the wide world works.

Being able to speak was good and it did feel like a massive personal achievement. However, since I started to speak, it did cause some troubles every now and again. I could speak, but I didn’t realise the words that came out of my mouth. From a teacher’s point of view, whatever I said, I must mean. I have said a lot of rude things that I didn’t realise were rude or inappropriate. I never meant to be rude or upset anyone so it was a big deal if I did this. This is where the frustration came in. The teachers took what I said at face value. If I said it, I meant it. I could never explain my words or what I meant. So, I had to end up apologising even if it was all a misunderstanding. Situations like this knocked my confidence completely and discouraged me from talking.

That was all just one part of the problem.


I went to the Bobby Charlton’s School of Excellence that one time, and I must say that it wasn’t a happy experience. It was the first time that I interacted with people who were “mainstream” i.e., secondary school students. Out of everyone in the local area I was the only “special needs” student that attended the whole programme. It was a big problem for me. As I was the only “special needs” student attending, there was a lack of understanding, I feel, for people like me. It seemed that the coaches in general were more used to secondary students rather than special needs students and so they didn’t really bear this in mind. The secondary students were not very understanding towards me either. They often whispered about me under their breath and called me “weird”, even when they were right next to me.

By lunch time I really wanted to go home. However, my pride kind of kept me there. In my eyes I refused to be defeated even if I did feel everyone there was against me. I strived to be as good as they were. That special needs students like myself could cope on the same stage as them. My hopes were dashed when I scored an own goal…

We all laugh about it now, especially me. However, it was a very humiliating experience at that time. It was also from that minute on that I started to question myself as a human being. Why was I being treated that way? Was it because I made that mistake? Was it because I was weird? Was it because that I had “special needs”? I started to dislike being in an SEN school, I started to dislike the mainstream people and I started to dislike myself. Why was I born like this? Why couldn’t I’ve been “normal?” I saw everyone who went to mainstream school as “normal” and myself as not normal. Haha.


I left my school when I was 18.

I went to a college that specifically catered to people with “special needs”. It went under the title of Supported Learning Department. I severely disliked being part of that department. I was determined not to go to that college because I didn’t want to go to that department. Haha. However, my local college didn’t offer the support that I needed. I was then offered a place at a different college which had an SLD department. I attended the SLD department for one year. I was lacking a lot of confidence and spent the rest of my experience being reserved.

However, I attended a Mainstream programme on a part-time basis, within the same college. It was the Performing Arts class. I felt happy yet very anxious. Was history going to repeat itself? Is this a chance for me to “redeem” myself? My thoughts were very conflicting and it was a constant battle with my own thoughts. In the end, I decided to be quiet and neutral when I attended these classes. If I didn’t say anything, then I wouldn’t get on the wrong side of anyone. I promised myself to not tell anyone about my Autism. I maintained that persona for most of my college life, even later when I started to attend that Mainstream programme full time.


Things got easier when I started University, which was based at that same college. Usually, I would have to attend the follow up course to prepare for University. However, all the tutors deemed that I was ready to start a full University programme, and I accepted a place on the foundation degree course. =)

On the first day, with a fresh new faces joining the course, I decided to tell everyone that I had Autism. With discussions with my tutor we decided that it would be best to tell them, and strangely, I felt ok with it. It’s probably the first time that I didn’t hesitate telling anyone about my Autism. I opened up to everyone and to my surprise no one isolated themselves from me. That was odd, I thought. Was I perhaps worrying for no reason? Or, is it because some of the Uni students were adults and they were more open-minded? Whilst I opened up to my fellow classmates and gradually started to be myself, I still kept my guard up.


It was March and we, the Uni second year students, were discussing what we could do, as individuals, for our “Final Performance” module. I was struggling for ideas myself.

All I could think to do was to do these bunch of comedy sketches that I had written myself. However, I wanted a decent mark and doing these little sketches wouldn’t constitute a high mark. Do I turn these sketches into a lengthy play? It was a concern. Comedy is my forte, I think, since it’s a style of play that I am most relaxed in. Although I was aware that this was my forte and it’s for my final performance piece, I anticipated that it was going to be a disaster. I would probably have been over the top when acting out the sketches and too energetic.

I spoke with my tutor about my concerns. I then spoke with him privately about an idea that I came up with on the spur of the moment. I did have some difficult times at Uni but I did remain mentally strong in most of situations. I appreciated my classmates and everyone I spoke to for making my Uni life easier and happier.

I’m not one for being sentimental so I wanted to thank everyone but cop out at the same time. So, I thought, what if I did a video to say “thankyou” to my classmates and to everyone else who had supported me. I was prepared to open up about all my worries and doubts and how everyone’s support had made my Uni experience much easier.

It was at that moment, Mr Ian said:

“I think it would be amazing if you did an Auto-Biographical Performance of your life with Autism.”


…there was a bit of silence. It took me a long time for this suggestion to sink in. An Auto-bio performance? Like an auto-bio book but in play form?

“Like, talk about my life?”


I asked, but deep down I knew full well what he meant.

“Absolutely. It has been done before.”


It really was a surreal moment. A bunch of things entered my head. It wasn’t that long ago that I revealed to my classmates about my Autism. I was still iffy about revealing more of my Autistic quirks. Could I manage to talk about my past and experiences? Thinking about my past is difficult, let alone talking about it. How would I fair?

Part of me was screaming “go for it!” but there was still doubt in my mind. I decided to ask for family and classmates opinions; somewhat hoping that some of them would oppose the idea. I asked… all of them thought it was a great idea. The votes were unanimous. Haha.

I had to think about this for a week. I did get stress thinking about it. Was this a good idea? In one way, this may be a good chance to get a lot of things off my chest. Then again, was this going to break me? Doing a performance about my life was certainly a lot easier than forcing comedy sketches to be funny.


A week went by and I made my decision…. Am I going to do a performance based on my life with Autism?


Happy Mother’s Day

Victoria Sponge Cake

Today has been a good day. I bought Mum the cutting mat that you use for sewing. Just like the thing they use for Great British Sewing Bee. I also moon-pigged her a card and drew Renge from Non Non Biyori as she finds her really cute.

On the spur of the moment I decided to bake a Victoria Sponge Cake for Mum since it’s her favourite kind of cake, with reliable help from my Brother.

We had no margarine so me and my brother went to Tescos to pick up the rest of the ingredients that we didn’t already have. I also bought the blue food colouring. Why did I do that? I’ll tell you in a second. 😉

I wanted to do a Victoria sponge cake but I was wondering if I could spice things up a little bit and make it a bit different. I had an epiphany. What if, I coloured the sponge cake blue? Blue is Mum’s favourite colour so perhaps she would appreciate it more if it was coloured blue. So, through sensible discussion with my brother we deduced together that this would be a good idea. =D

We filmed three parts of it. We called it ‘Baking with Ryan.’ During the second clip I added the blue food colouring whilst whisking. We discovered that we didn’t really know what we were doing so we looked at the label. We found out that you should only use one tea spoon, you should shake it well and, most importantly, it doesn’t mix well with baking… You can probably guess by now that we didn’t bear any of this in mind! Haha!

It proved to be a potential problem when we put it in the oven. Usually, you can tell when a Victoria sponge cake is done when it turns a healthy brown. But, because we added a lot of blue to the flavour it was difficult to gauge. So, we had to use our nose to know when the cake was ready… before it got burned! Haha.

Right at the end it turned out to be pretty good! I was very proud of it. I think we both did a really good job with the experiment baking. It tasted really nice, and my Mum approved, which was the most important thing. The picture you see right at the top is the cake that we baked together. I’m not going to lie though… I wish it was more blue! Haha!

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.^^/


Monster Musume TV Anime

Monster Musume TV

I just found out some very exciting news. Monster Musume is finally going to be adapted for TV. =D I don’t know much of the details so far but I do know that it’s somehow linked with Tokuma Shoten and it’s going to air at some point this summer.

I like the look of the anime art as well. I think it’s cute and it nearly matches the same art style originally portrayed by Okayado. I actually recognise the TV art style but I can’t quite put my finger on how.

For the past year or so I have been trying to guess which voice talent will portray certain characters.

When I listen to Miia, in my head, she sounds the sort of character that either Haruka Tomatsu or Kana Asumi would portray. Miia is someone who is flirtatious, affectionate but also very innocent. She reminds me a little bit of Lala from To LOVE-Ru, who is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu. So, that is probably why I hear her voice when I read Miia’s lines. Haha. I’m pretty sure either Yoko Hikasa or Marina Inoue will voice Cerea. Cerea is the type of character who is honoured bound through royalty or protection and is very strong but she also has a very awkward/innocent side.

I see Ms Smith as the mature but unreliable type. With that in mind I hear someone like Eri Kitamura portraying Ms Smith. For someone like Papi, I hear someone who is a fun-loving younger sister type. Perhaps someone like Inori Minase? Ai Kayano? For Kimihito…I don’t really have a voice for him apart from my own.

Will MonMusu just feature the first three girls, or will it feature the other girls as well? I picture Mero as someone as gentle, kind and perhaps with a bit of a masochist side. Perhaps someone like Satomi Akesaka or Azumi Asakura? I think Shizuka Itou will do a brilliant job as Rachnee. She is very good at portraying girls who are a little lustful in nature but mature in the head. A bit like Akeno from High School DxD. I can’t picture Suu’s voice very well. I constantly picture her voice as slightly monotone.

If the MON squad appear… I hear Aki Toyosaki as Tio, Kana Asumi as Zombina, Yui Horie as Manako and Rumi Okubo as Doppel.

Will the Monster Musume anime be a success? I’m not sure. On MonMusu’s official twitter page they did a fan poll asking what scenes they wouldn’t want to be “omitted.” In other words, which scenes we, the viewer, definitely want to see in the TV anime. I did raise my own questions, I must say. Why would you want to omit scenes from the manga? If anything, I would want to see some scenes extended, including when Kimihito and Miia met for the first time.

In all fairness though, it really does depend on who is producing this show and how much budget they have for the project. I know the source says that it’s going to be TV anime but will it necessarily be a TV series? I seem to think that it would, but, I’ll just wait and see what happens. =)

It might not be as good as the manga but I certainly won’t pre-judge. Even if it isn’t as good as the manga I will still support it as much as I can, however I can. I’m even prepared to buy the DVD when it comes out in Japan. There might be a bit of a language barrier, but it will still be worth it.

This news has made my day. =)



This is a really good week for me so far, and it’s not just about Monster Musume getting an anime.

I got a response from Britt Allcroft! I wrote to her last October and linked her to my Thomas blog. She responded to my message a couple of days ago to thank me for writing to her. She also told me that by reading my blog she has gained a lot of insight on how an Autistic person thinks. =)

And, finally… I’m going to be an Uncle. My brother and his partner are going to have a baby come September. I think “Uncle Ryan” has a very nice ring to it. I have nothing really more to say about this, just that my week is getting better and better. =D

Thanks for reading. =)



Is This a Zombie? Season 1 Anime Review

Is This a Zombie DVD Cover


Is Ayumu a zombie? Yes, he is a zombie. He was a victim to the mass serial killings that happened in his local area. However, a silent Necromancer, Eucliwood Hellscythe, has brought him back to life, but as a zombie. Now that he has been reborn as a zombie Ayumu must battle megalos. Will he be able to find the culprit that killed him on that fateful night as he battle with these weird creatures?

  1. THEME
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Ecchi[1]
  • Harem[2]
  • Seinen[3]
  • Supernatural


This is perhaps one of my favourite anime of all time, and it is certainly among the funniest I have seen. Sometimes I tend to forget how much I like this show but once I re-watch it, it brings it all back. I spent two days straight watching my DVD and my enthusiasm for it has rekindled. It reminded me why I liked it in the first place. =)

I think the more I watch it, the funnier I find it. I’ve been laughing none stop since Ayumu got hit by that truck. My heart was in my mouth when he dived in front of that lorry to save that cat. However, it then turned comical when he just casually turned his head to the camera and said “oh, by the way, I’m a Zombie.”

I think Ayumu is probably the best thing about this show. He’s very manly in his own right but he also has strong feminine traits, especially when he transforms into that…weird magical girl thing. I do feel sorry for him when the girls insult or accuse him of certain things. The best example was when Haruna accused him of invading her dream. As if he could do that. Haha. Well, since he’s a “magical girl” and a zombie, I don’t think the idea would be too far-fetched, but it seems like Dai-Sensei is the only one capable of that kind of magic.

This show is incredibly funny but it does have a lot of deep moments, at least from my point of view. Ayumu meets this Kyoko girl and it was then implied that Eu could actually be Ayumu’s killer. I was very conflicted with my thoughts. I found it hard to believe that Eu would kill him then bring him back to life. What purpose would that serve? On the other hand, there might be an ulterior motive for turning him into a zombie. Never, in my wildest dreams though, did I suspect that Kyoko would be the serial killer.

That was a really exciting battle, and I got more excited when Eu entered the fray and took on Kyoko by herself. The climax to that battle couldn’t have ended in a better way. I think it was good because to me it’s like Ayumu made her more like a “human” as she became corrupted when she took many lives for her own selfishness. I did get a little confused when the King of the Night appeared. I’m guessing this means that he either took over Kyoko’s mind and controlling her or they became acquainted in some way. All I do know is that he used her to get Eu’s attention.

It’s quite interesting really how quickly your opinions change of someone. I thought Kyoko was lovely and cute but her whole demeanour changed as soon as it was revealed that she was a psycho. Haha.

I didn’t like the King of the Night. I felt he deliberately played on Eu’s emotions so she would cause more megalos to appear and cause havoc among her friends. However, I felt that I started to develop some empathy for this dude, especially in the latter episodes. I don’t think that justifies causing harm and slicing Sera’s back though. But, I can see why he did all those things, to get Eu’s attention.

Eu is a pretty unique character. I seem to have this thing where I like girls who are completely monotonous and expressionless. Haha. Eu sort of fits that category. Every time Ayumu fantasizes about Eu, she always speaks. However, in every new episode, her voice is interpreted by different voice artists. I think that’s really unique and I’ve never really known it to be done before.

I think there are a nice variety of girls in this show, but I find that I somewhat prefer the minor female characters as opposed to the main female characters. I think Seraphim is a beauty but her tongue can be a little bit too sharp at times. Some of the things she says to Ayumu I think can be very harsh. It makes me question what kind of things they do back in her vampire ninja village.

I think girls like Taeko, Yuki and Sarasvati should get more attention and screen time.

I think Yuki is really cute and tries really hard to uphold her vampire ninja tradition when she “married” Ayumu. She can be daft at times and is a lot more chilled than Seraphim, as far as vampire ninjas go. I think after Ayumu helped her out she genuinely fell in love with him. I feel this was evident when she told Ayumu Eu’s position before she told the rest of her faction.

I’m intrigued by Sarasvati. She struck me as the type of person who is the strictest out of all the vampire ninjas. Even if she is strict, she still finds the time to perform as an idol. It looks like she fell in love with Ayumu’s…ahem…bum. Haha. I felt really sorry for Ayumu in the OVAs. His bum has been brutally attacked and at the centre of unwanted attention. I hope everyone leaves his bum alone for a while. Haha.

My favourite girl character is Taeko, with Yuki being a close second. She was the character who I think is best described as having slipped under the radar throughout the whole show. However, I could never fail to notice her. I did see her couple of times whenever she appeared but she caught my attention when I saw her in the show’s closing song. She sings the song and made a little appearance, singing about how she wants Mr Zombie [Ayumu] to notice her as she is his classmate. It’s a really sweet song and I actually bought that CD not so long ago. It’s a lovely song. =)

I did spot something interesting though, and it came around the time when Yuki presented Ayumu with a bento made for him. Taeko had another bento separate on her lap. I failed to notice this at first, but it was quite interesting to see it now. It seems like she took Kanami’s advice on board and made a bento for Ayumu. It’s a shame that he never got to eat it, I bet it would have been lovely. =)

I was really pleased when she got good screen time in the last OVA. It seems like they met a long time ago on a rainy day, and all rainy days now remind her of that encounter. She used her intelligence to “distract” Ayumu whilst Yuki won that school tournament game. I was slightly gutted though that she sings in that pool episode. If she sings for the show’s ending song then by rights she should sing in that pool episode as well. Haha.


Two Thumb’s-Up.^^/ (My Rating System) (My Anime Rankings)

Two Thumbs-Up


Is This a Zombie and Heaven's Lost Property Promo Crossover Promo

I really like this crossover picture and it is quite ironic that Haruna and Nymph are voiced by Iori Nomizu. I actually think a crossover anime show between Heaven’s Lost Property and Is This a Zombie? would be amazing to watch. =)


[1] This manga contains risqué and sexy moments or lecherous characters.

[2] In this manga all the ladies are gunning after one man and/or lady.

[3] The target audience of this manga is towards an older gentleman with the age range from 18 to 30.

White Chicks Film Review

White Chicks

Good Saturday Everyone. =)

  1. Review

I watched White Chicks the other day and I must say that I think it’s one of the funniest films I ever watched.

You have these two FBI agents, both whom are dark skinned, dressing up as these light skinned girls. It’s painfully obvious that that they’re dudes in disguise but it just makes it funnier when everyone is oblivious. It’s like an old school fashioned slapstick tradition, when guys dress up as girls, and it’s hilarious. Men dressing as up as girls is funny in one regard, but it’s the stunts they pull that makes it funnier. I especially like it when they try to act like those Wilson sisters but they keep on breaking out of character.

Most of it is incredibly silly and at times disgusting but I still can’t help but to laugh out loud. It’s a bit like Inbetweeners when it comes to toilet humour but it is more slapstick then Inbetweeners. I couldn’t really watch the part when the rugby player was having an evening dinner with Marcus dressed up as one of the twins. I was actually having my tea at that time and it would have spoiled my appetite had I not shielded my eyes at that point. Haha.

Every time I watch this film I notice little things I had missed before. One example is when the sexy news reporter told Kevin that she tended to go for rich men. It always bewildered me why Kevin would suddenly pretend to be a rich man, rather than being himself. This now explains it.

It also took me a while to distinguish between Heath and Jacob Harper. At first I thought they were the same person as I think they look very similar. I was like “why did he go from being a good guy a bad guy?”  I figured out eventually that they were actually different people.

The ending was cool. I like it how those Copeland brothers are going to stay friends with those girls. I like those kinds of endings. =)

  1. Conclusion

Two Thumb’s-Up.^^/ (My Rating System)

Two thumbs-up


Non Non Biyori Wallpaper

I just realised through basic research that John Heard, who played the villain Vandergeld, is actually the same chap who played Peter McCallister from the Home Alone films. I don’t know how I didn’t pick this up earlier but I know this know and I’m happy. =)

Thanks for reading, =)