Is This a Zombie? Season 1 Anime Review

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Is Ayumu a zombie? Yes, he is a zombie. He was a victim to the mass serial killings that happened in his local area. However, a silent Necromancer, Eucliwood Hellscythe, has brought him back to life, but as a zombie. Now that he has been reborn as a zombie Ayumu must battle megalos. Will he be able to find the culprit that killed him on that fateful night as he battle with these weird creatures?

  1. THEME
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Ecchi[1]
  • Harem[2]
  • Seinen[3]
  • Supernatural


This is perhaps one of my favourite anime of all time, and it is certainly among the funniest I have seen. Sometimes I tend to forget how much I like this show but once I re-watch it, it brings it all back. I spent two days straight watching my DVD and my enthusiasm for it has rekindled. It reminded me why I liked it in the first place. =)

I think the more I watch it, the funnier I find it. I’ve been laughing none stop since Ayumu got hit by that truck. My heart was in my mouth when he dived in front of that lorry to save that cat. However, it then turned comical when he just casually turned his head to the camera and said “oh, by the way, I’m a Zombie.”

I think Ayumu is probably the best thing about this show. He’s very manly in his own right but he also has strong feminine traits, especially when he transforms into that…weird magical girl thing. I do feel sorry for him when the girls insult or accuse him of certain things. The best example was when Haruna accused him of invading her dream. As if he could do that. Haha. Well, since he’s a “magical girl” and a zombie, I don’t think the idea would be too far-fetched, but it seems like Dai-Sensei is the only one capable of that kind of magic.

This show is incredibly funny but it does have a lot of deep moments, at least from my point of view. Ayumu meets this Kyoko girl and it was then implied that Eu could actually be Ayumu’s killer. I was very conflicted with my thoughts. I found it hard to believe that Eu would kill him then bring him back to life. What purpose would that serve? On the other hand, there might be an ulterior motive for turning him into a zombie. Never, in my wildest dreams though, did I suspect that Kyoko would be the serial killer.

That was a really exciting battle, and I got more excited when Eu entered the fray and took on Kyoko by herself. The climax to that battle couldn’t have ended in a better way. I think it was good because to me it’s like Ayumu made her more like a “human” as she became corrupted when she took many lives for her own selfishness. I did get a little confused when the King of the Night appeared. I’m guessing this means that he either took over Kyoko’s mind and controlling her or they became acquainted in some way. All I do know is that he used her to get Eu’s attention.

It’s quite interesting really how quickly your opinions change of someone. I thought Kyoko was lovely and cute but her whole demeanour changed as soon as it was revealed that she was a psycho. Haha.

I didn’t like the King of the Night. I felt he deliberately played on Eu’s emotions so she would cause more megalos to appear and cause havoc among her friends. However, I felt that I started to develop some empathy for this dude, especially in the latter episodes. I don’t think that justifies causing harm and slicing Sera’s back though. But, I can see why he did all those things, to get Eu’s attention.

Eu is a pretty unique character. I seem to have this thing where I like girls who are completely monotonous and expressionless. Haha. Eu sort of fits that category. Every time Ayumu fantasizes about Eu, she always speaks. However, in every new episode, her voice is interpreted by different voice artists. I think that’s really unique and I’ve never really known it to be done before.

I think there are a nice variety of girls in this show, but I find that I somewhat prefer the minor female characters as opposed to the main female characters. I think Seraphim is a beauty but her tongue can be a little bit too sharp at times. Some of the things she says to Ayumu I think can be very harsh. It makes me question what kind of things they do back in her vampire ninja village.

I think girls like Taeko, Yuki and Sarasvati should get more attention and screen time.

I think Yuki is really cute and tries really hard to uphold her vampire ninja tradition when she “married” Ayumu. She can be daft at times and is a lot more chilled than Seraphim, as far as vampire ninjas go. I think after Ayumu helped her out she genuinely fell in love with him. I feel this was evident when she told Ayumu Eu’s position before she told the rest of her faction.

I’m intrigued by Sarasvati. She struck me as the type of person who is the strictest out of all the vampire ninjas. Even if she is strict, she still finds the time to perform as an idol. It looks like she fell in love with Ayumu’s…ahem…bum. Haha. I felt really sorry for Ayumu in the OVAs. His bum has been brutally attacked and at the centre of unwanted attention. I hope everyone leaves his bum alone for a while. Haha.

My favourite girl character is Taeko, with Yuki being a close second. She was the character who I think is best described as having slipped under the radar throughout the whole show. However, I could never fail to notice her. I did see her couple of times whenever she appeared but she caught my attention when I saw her in the show’s closing song. She sings the song and made a little appearance, singing about how she wants Mr Zombie [Ayumu] to notice her as she is his classmate. It’s a really sweet song and I actually bought that CD not so long ago. It’s a lovely song. =)

I did spot something interesting though, and it came around the time when Yuki presented Ayumu with a bento made for him. Taeko had another bento separate on her lap. I failed to notice this at first, but it was quite interesting to see it now. It seems like she took Kanami’s advice on board and made a bento for Ayumu. It’s a shame that he never got to eat it, I bet it would have been lovely. =)

I was really pleased when she got good screen time in the last OVA. It seems like they met a long time ago on a rainy day, and all rainy days now remind her of that encounter. She used her intelligence to “distract” Ayumu whilst Yuki won that school tournament game. I was slightly gutted though that she sings in that pool episode. If she sings for the show’s ending song then by rights she should sing in that pool episode as well. Haha.


Two Thumb’s-Up.^^/ (My Rating System) (My Anime Rankings)

Two Thumbs-Up


Is This a Zombie and Heaven's Lost Property Promo Crossover Promo

I really like this crossover picture and it is quite ironic that Haruna and Nymph are voiced by Iori Nomizu. I actually think a crossover anime show between Heaven’s Lost Property and Is This a Zombie? would be amazing to watch. =)


[1] This manga contains risqué and sexy moments or lecherous characters.

[2] In this manga all the ladies are gunning after one man and/or lady.

[3] The target audience of this manga is towards an older gentleman with the age range from 18 to 30.

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