KanColle Anime Review


For a good year or so there has been a lot of hype and popularity about KanColle. I didn’t know much about this except that it was a card game and that each character represented certain ships. Either way I decided to give this a watch. =)


In this world humanity has lost control of the oceans to the “Deep Sea Fleet”. A group of fleet girls, who possess the spirit of past iconic warships, are called the “Kanmusu”, and are humanity’s only hope. The story revolves around Fubuki, a little destroyer who comes to the naval base to train with other Kanmusu to hone her skills and go off to battle.

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  • Military
  • Sci-Fi
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In my head I thought KanColle was going to be a mixture of Girls Und Panzer and Strike Witches. My thinking was right except for the obvious difference, girls battling with ship parts attached to their body. The ship parts that are attached to their body act like battle armour. I also gathered that each character in the show is based on past Japanese warships.

I really like the concept of this show. It’s very quirky and refreshing.

One of my favourite charms of the show is the way the girls rejuvenate themselves after being damaged in battled. It’s both fun and quirky. I was confused at first when Akagi and Atago kept referring the huge baths as ‘docks.’ I eventually figured out that these ‘docks’ actually ‘repair’ the characters when they’re soaking in baths. It usually takes Akagi longer to heal since she’s super strong but if the Admiral gives her special water then she can heal in a matter of seconds.

I was surprised and saddened by Kisaragi’s death, or in Kancolle’s term ‘sunk.’ You can expect death in action type anime but as this was a light-hearted show I assumed that no deaths would occur. Mutsuki was somewhat in-denial and didn’t want to accept Kisaragi’s death as a possibility. Deep down, everyone knew. Fubuki eventually helped Mutsuki to come to terms with the loss.

I heard a lot of hype centring about this girl called Shimakaze. She is quite cute and eccentric. She even has her own gun type mascots. It’s all quite funny. She has great battle style and she sort of works well together with her mascots. She seems to be a very carefree type who isn’t necessarily rebellious but is not good at being punctual.

I like pretty much all the characters really as they’re all unique in their own way.

Kongou is among my favourite characters and it’s a big bonus that she came from Britain. I’m probably a little biased in that regard. Haha. I noticed in anime that generally most characters that are British or American are depicted with blonde hair. This is probably to show that these characters are definitely from the western continent. It’s not a criticism, far from it, but I do find it refreshing to see a British character with light brown hair. =)

My initial view on Kongou was very much like Fubuki’s. I thought she was going to be strong and cool like Akagi but with a more bubbly personality. However, she has turned out to be very eccentric and a happy-go-lucky type of girl who wants to get it on with the Admiral. Haha. In fact, I actually like her more than my initial views. She actually helped Fubuki to reach a closure with Kisaragi’s death. That was a sweet moment.

I didn’t know what I was expecting really, but I certainly expected to see the Admiral as a character. But, he never appears in the normal way. It’s difficult to explain but it’s like the Admiral shares the same perspective as the viewer. So, I could easily imagine myself as the Admiral and interacting with the characters of the show.

Kongou started to grow on me after a couple of episodes. She really is cool and energetic. I love it especially when she breaks out English words like “what” and general curses in English. Haha. It is nice that she nominated Fubuki to be in charge of the Carrier Squad One… I think that’s what they’re called. I naturally assumed that Kongou was going to be the leader as she is probably the strongest in that group.

Akagi is showing a lot of her innocence too. In the curry episode she didn’t pay much heed to the competition and just munched away at the ingredients. That was especially cute. I felt a bit sorry for the teacher that lost. I felt that Nagato should have let the teacher won as it clearly left a mental scar.

One of my favourite moments in this show is the introduction of Yamato. I think she is an absolute beauty. I love her personality and the colour of her plum hair. I think by this point I started to understand the concept of this show more. The heavier the armour on the girl, the hungrier she will get. So, Yamato would need more food than Akagi as she wears more armour. I’m under the impression that food acts more like their fuel. Yamato’s food needs are bigger than Akagi’s, but Akagi’s food needs are bigger than Fubuki’s. Girls are really cute when they eat, probably because they pout and cheeks puff out whilst they munch.^^/

In the same episode of Yamato’s introduction, Kongou corrects Fubuki on how the world “hotel” is pronounced. It’s not “ho-te-ru” it’s “hotel!” That was such a good moment. My favourite English word she uses is still “what!?” Kongou is slowly becoming my favourite character at this point. =D It was sweet how Fubuki was trying to encourage Yamato to venture out into the ocean, even if it meant facing punishment from Nagato.

Aww, Yuudachi upgraded into a new model design. She looks cute. For some reason, I seem to think she grew more innocent both in personality and in appearance. Perhaps it’s her hairstyle that looks like a pair of rabbit ears?

I really did feel for Fubuki. One minute she went from being the flagship in her unit and receiving a pat on the head from Akagi to being sent back to the navy district. Once again it was Kongou who comforted the crying Fubuki. She is eccentric and cute but she also very talented when it comes to comforting people, evident in this scene. The clue does come from the opening song video where we see Fubuki in the rain. She looked to her side to find a smiling Kongou with an umbrella. To me, that part of the video shows that no matter how hard the rain falls, Kongou will always be the sunshine in Fubuki’s rain. The sad scene was followed up by “Sssh, quiet please!” I can’t help but smile and laugh every time she breaks out an English phrase.

I did suspect that Fubuki was going to be called back for a strong reason. It turns out that she was going to be upgraded to a stronger model.

In other news, the ending song is really growing on me. The title of the song “Fubuki” is aptly named. I can’t get the song out of my head. It’s literally the first thing I hear when I wake up in the morning.

Well, will you look at that. The Admiral has gone missing. My response comes in the form of me shrugging my shoulders. Haha. I can’t really get behind the Admiral character as we don’t see him. I really do think that the Admiral is supposed to be us, the viewer. So, I could be the Admiral. If I was the real Admiral though I would get out of my office and spend more time with the ladies. I’d also invite Yamato onto my lap all day long.


Enough of my delusions!

Fubuki had one of those moments where she is completely caught up in her own importance. This was highly demonstrated when she didn’t stop to talk to Akagi, one of her most important people.  She realised her mistake in the end. It happens to the best of us. One never stops learning, no matter how old you are. =)

It was nice when Akagi asked Fubuki to be her escort. I did see it coming. Does Akagi even need an escort? By what I’ve seen, she seems plenty of strong enough. Still, it’s nice that the two can spend some time at sea together. It was a good endurance test for Fubuki and in the end she came out triumphant. She completed Kaga’s “test”. Not only did she become Akagi’s escort, she even got a new model. Her armour looks cool but her physical appearance stayed the same. I’m especially pleased about that.

Oicchi’s obsession for Kitamara is really not healthy. I know they’re sisters but I think Oicchi needs to give Kitamara some space, but Kitamara doesn’t look like she minds too much. I like how laid back she is.

Eep, Akagi is trying to change the fate of everyone and is leading the fighting group. It looks like she’s in a lot of trouble in episode 11. Cliffhanger time. I wonder why Fubuki and Kongou are left behind. Perhaps they’ll come in time to save the day? With Yamato? I’m pleased that she ended up going out to sea in the end. She looks very sophisticated and cool when she was ready to launch. =)

I wonder what the enemy girls are like. When I look at them they appear to be robotic, as if they’re being controlled. It makes me wonder if these enemy girls have emotions or individuality traits. I am especially intrigued about the Airfield Princess. At this moment I think she is the enemy’s trump card.

The last episode was good. It was a very intense battle and all the fleet girls were trying their best to change their fate. It was especially exciting when Nagato appeared at the battle scene. I thought she was a complete badass when she was fighting. We find out in the last episode as well that the Admiral is back and alive. My response to that… comes in the form of shrugging my shoulders. Haha.

I really enjoyed this show and I’m looking forward towards the future sequel. =)


One Thumb’s-Up and a Pinky. (My Rating System) (My Anime Rankings)




I was actually expecting this show to air 24 episodes in this season and was somewhat surprised to find that it’s only 12. I’m not exactly shocked but I’m more disappointed because I did enjoy this anime. =)


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