Gonna Be the Twin-Tail!! Anime Review

Gonna Be the Twin Tail!!


Souji, a first year high school student, has a deep love and affection for the “twintails” hairstyle. He likes them so much that he filled in a form to establish a “twintails” club. A beautiful girl, Twoearle, appears before him one day and gives him a bracelet which gives him the power to transform into a powerful warrior called Tail Red. With this new found power Souji swears that he will protect everyone with twintails and fight to keep peace on Earth.

  1. THEME
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • School
  • Shounen[1]


This show is very silly and daft, yet, I really, really enjoyed it. Haha.

If I were to describe the show’s theme, I would say that it’s the battle of the fetishes. Haha. However, the word “fetish” is never used; instead, the term is “attributes”. The main attribute that the enemy is after are girls who have pigtails, or rather, twintails. Twintails is the most powerful er… source of magic, in the whole world. The enemy who come out to attack each having individual fetish traits, or rather, attributes, that they specialise in. It’s rather tricky to explain, it’s one of those you have to watch yourself to understand.

The battles are fun to watch, I think they’re both cool and silly at the same time. I especially liked Soji’s first battle when he transformed into Tail Red. That long jumped that saw him crashing into that huge building was especially funny. He literally couldn’t control his own power when he transformed, and why would he? No one realistically should be able to adapt that quickly. Haha. The other twintail fighters are really good as well and they all have a nice contrast with each other. Tail Red has a sword and the element fire, Tail Blue has a lance and the element water and Tail Yellow has a gun and heavy armour and the element lightning.

I can’t really take the enemy seriously. I don’t think the enemy, Ultimaguil, are actually villainous, they’re just out for their own personal gain and desire. They’re often sent out to “steal” the twintail attributes but instead of doing their job they just do as they please.

I actually think the twintail warriors have their own “attributes” aside from twintails. Erina, aka Tail Yellow, is a secret masochist and gets aroused when Soji calls her name, haha. Aika, aka Tail Blue, although never acknowledged in the show I think she does display a lot of sadistic traits. When I think about it, she does literally throw punches when she is angry, and most of the time Twoearle is on the receiving end of it. I would say poor Twoearle but she does provoke Aika. I wouldn’t say she does this deliberately but I think it’s more about Twoearle not reading the situation. XD Soji, aka Tail Red, loves lips and girls. Liking lips and girls isn’t really an attribute but it certainly does any harm to Soji. =)

Comedy aside, there is one aspect of the show that I especially like. Normally in anime you will see the childhood friend or precious friend, with tsundere traits, beat up her love interest out of jealously or embarrassment. Aika is the childhood friend of Soji and she has a lot of sadistic traits, however, she has never beaten Soji up. That makes a nice change as I don’t really like to see girls hitting their love interests as I always think they’re unjustified.

I think Twoearle is supposed to be a bit of a mad scientist who is constantly aroused. Haha. Her backstory and battles with Ultimaguil is quite serious and you wouldn’t think it with her hyperactive personality. She keeps on getting herself into sticky situations where she will receive a brutal beating from Aika. I don’t think she means to provoke Aika is just that she doesn’t think before she speaks. It’s not a secret that she’s after Soji’s virginity so Aika is extra protective of him.

I still like Twoearle though. Even if she is mad, she has a good heart. I actually wonder if the name Twoearle is a pun of the word “twirl?” That’s how I keep hearing her name.

Lastly, I’m not sure how I feel about Erina’s head maid, Mikoto. She’s her head maid yet she’s trying to get men to fill in her marriage forms so she can get married. Haha. If she got married then wouldn’t that mean that she loses her position as Erina’s head maid? She must be desperate; she even tried to make Soji sign the marriage form. Haha.


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Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! Light Novel Illustration

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[1] The target audience of this manga is boys. Shounen means boy in Japanese.