A Festive Trip to Bents

Snow Tidings! ^^/

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? I have and fortunately I’m more or less done. All I need to do now is to spend my Christmas pennies on a certain someone and then I will be finished. 🙂

My next step is to write Christmas cards. Some folks don’t like this procedure, but I most certainly do. I love hand writing and I always give myself an excuse to write. 😀

I figured that I’d treat myself this year and went to buy some decorations for my room. I went to Bents with my Sister and her fiancé, Dale. They’re soon to become husband and wife but that’s another story to tell in another blog. I wanted to go for a traditional yet modern theme for my bedroom.

Like every year Bents always have such wonderful Christmas things on display. I got my Father Christmas train and Father Christmas figure at Bents a couple of years ago. I still have them to this day. =D I had a good mowsy round but unfortunately nothing really took my fancy. Although I was nearly tempted to try out the expensive massage chair for free…XD

I nearly went home without spending a penny when I spotted certain items for sale- Father Christmas figures. They had a special offer on. If you buy one Father Christmas you get another one for free. I already have a Father Christmas but then I remembered that certain people didn’t have them. So I bought one so I could deliberately have the other one for free. One would be a present for my Mum and the other could be for another family member. She got very excited when she saw them both; in fact she liked them so much that she wanted to keep them both. I saw no reason why she couldn’t so I allowed her to have both. 😉 I bought a few Chrimbo items too that would make my room look more festive. =)

Here are a couple of photos of the Father Christmas figures that I bought.



There was a bit of a rush at the end since the store was closing, fortunately for us we were able to buy them just in the nick of time.

All in all I conclude that this was a successful shopping trip. ^^/