Marvel Avengers Assemble Film Review

Marvel Avengers Assemble Poster

Ho, Ho, Ho.^^/

This is definitely one of my favourite films.

The most appealing factor of this film for me would have to be the quick-yet-explosive action. I like the diverse levels of fighting styles and power levels from the characters. I find that with the various strengths and power levels it allow us to enjoy different kinds of fights. We have basic combat fights involving Captain America, demi-god lightning from Thor, gun shooting from Nick Fury, aggressive power from Hulk and cool high-tech gadgets from Iron Man. All of this, I think, really attracts all kinds of fans. =D

Captain America is fun to watch. He can manoeuvre like ten cats in one. He can use his shield as a defensive mechanism as well as a boomerang. A lot of cool stuff happens when he uses his shield in combat. My favourite part was when Iron Man shot a beam at his shield which deflected into one of the enemy. That was a great piece of teamwork right there. =D

Iron Man… he is, without doubt, my favourite superhero. It may seem strange to but I feel that Iron Man could be real. Perhaps it’s because of the genius technology that exists in today’s society? This, and there’s this real robot called ‘Titan’. I think he appeared in Big Brother[1] once? Plus, it’s a man putting on armour, not a man summoning lightning like Thor. Minus the laser beams and the flying I feel that Iron Man could actually exist in real life, haha.

I like Tony Stark just as much. He’s not your typical hero. I loved his banter with the Captain. “Take off your armour, what are you?” “…a genius playboy philanthropist.” I thought that was comedy gold. I couldn’t remember the exact dialogue but it was something along those lines. =) They had severe differences in the beginning but it was their mutual feelings for their enemies and Coulson that drew them closer together. They ended up respecting one another and in the end they ended up working well together. I enjoyed their growth in their friendship. =)

I was really upset when Coulson died, especially since he didn’t get the chance to get the Captain’s autograph. At first I thought the Captain was being ignorant to Coulson’s admiration and compliments. However, I was reminded that he’s been frozen for 70 years. Thinking about it logically, he was more likely just too overwhelmed by the advanced technology in today’s society. The submarine plane part was especially cool. =D

The biggest tear-jerking moment though, besides Coulson’s death, happened right at the end. Tony, who is quite the self-involved gent, risked his life to put the bomb into that other dimension. My heart was really in my mouth when he tried to call Pepper but couldn’t get through… I was then touched when the Incredible Hulk, of all people, grabbed him before he [Tony] fell splat on the ground. It just goes to show that the Hulk is capable of thinking and distinguishing between allies and enemies… just not all the time. Haha.

As well as the kickass action there have been many funny moments, touching moments, teary moments, exciting moments and a cameo from Stan Lee. What more could you ask for from Marvel Studios?^^/

This really is an amazing film and I can’t wait for Avengers: Age of Ultron, this coming April. I have no hesitation to give this film, Two Thumb’s-Up.^^/ (My Rating System)

Two Thumbs-Up


Non Non Biyori Wallpaper

I watched this on BBC1, right before Match of the Day on Boxing Day. I noticed more things from watching this the second time. The most notable thing I noticed was the brief mention of Jane Foster, Thor’s love interest.
I never planned to review this film. It was a completely spontaneous moment. I like to think that I’m getting better at being spontaneous, as to me, being spontaneous means that I’m living in the moment. Living in the moment means that I’m living for today, my favourite kind of day. =)

Thanks for reading, =)

Merry Christmas, everyone.^^/


[1] Big Brother is a reality TV show.

My 2013 Christmas

My past two Anime blogs might have been heavy for some for those who are not enthusiastic about Anime. This blog is about how I spent my Christmas! =D

Here are a few of my festive pictures…



This week, since its Christmas, I’ve been going to bed later than usual, 3 O’clock in the morning to be precise. I’ve done that for the past couple of days, including Christmas morning! I’m overdue a very long sleep. I’m even tired as I’m typing this right now. I’m the sort of person who enjoys getting up early. I get that morning brisk feel. When I get up late I tend to be jaded, even when I got to bed early the previous day.

On Christmas Eve I travelled over to my sister’s house, as per Christmas Eve tradition. I think lack of sleep did catch up on me as my head started to swell. In all truth I did fancy going home early but I wanted to try and soak up the atmosphere as much as I could. And I wanted to be there when it was 00:00 hours. XD! I promised myself that as soon as I got in that I would go straight to bed. Well… when I walked in my Mum had Home Alone 2 on the TV. And well, not watching Home Alone on Christmas is very rude… so, I stayed up to watch it.

That night I went to bed around 2 O clock…


Christmas morning came and I could not literally open my eyes.

The first thing I opened was my Santa sack. Some may still consider this childish but I consider this fun. My Mum also gets a Santa Sack. She was very happy with her presents! =)

I’ve been quite creative with presents this year- to give to people. On each name tag instead of writing the person’s name I placed the picture inside of that name tag that I personally associate that person with. I never planned it from the start; it was an impromptu moment on my part. I just finished wrapping all the presents when the sudden idea came to me. So, I downloaded the pictures from Google, decreased their sizes, printed them off and stuck them on the name tags of the presents with tape.

I gave my Mum a picture of minions, my Dad a picture of a sailor’s cap, my sister a picture of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, for Dale (my sister’s fiancé) a picture of Ole Gunnar Solksjear, Sarah (my brother’s fiancée) a picture of Minnie Mouse and my brother a picture of a chimp… don’t worry, he understands the reference. 😉

Everyone seemed to be pleased with the presents I bought this year. A highlight for me I must say is the present I got Dale- Class of 92 DVD… Well. In my household, around Christmas time, I try to deceive my relatives by disguising my presents in peculiar ways to try and throw them off the scent…for Dale’s present I disguised his in the form of a Charlton Athletic towel. But I knew that the Charlton towel could come undone at any time so I tied it with one of my scarves. XD!


After we opened the presents we started to play the Cranium game.

This is certainly a good game and is always full of laughs. However, by this time, I was completely wiped out. I kept on almost falling asleep.  Whilst I certainly do enjoy company there were times where I wanted to be alone. I needed to unwind for a couple of minutes then join in with the socialising again. I didn’t really want to spoil the fun so I tried to plod on and see the funny side of things. But because I was on the verge of falling asleep I wasn’t in a laughing mood.

Boxing Day is the second most wonderful time of the year since it’s the huge half price season! I usually venture on this quest as per tradition. However, I felt very tired and there wasn’t anything particular that I wanted. So, I opted to stay in and watch the Football instead. Charlton beat Brighton 3-2. Good job! =D


Ah yes I forgot to mention that I got a good set of presents this year.

I hope I’m not being misunderstood when I say that getting Monster Musume was especially wonderful. I definitely loved the other presents and I loved how not all of them came from my list. It’s no fun when you predict what you’re going to get, haha. Whilst I love all the presents I must say that Monster Musume was the one I wanted the most this year.

I don’t want to sound dramatic or anything like that but getting the Monster Musume volume one manga made me quite emotionally happy. Perhaps it’s because I’m tired and I can’t think of the correct words? Whatever the case I’m really happy that I got Monster Musume. It’s one of those cases where I can’t put my feelings into words.

For a good year or so I’ve been reading the Monster Musume manga online and since then it’s been in my top five favourite manga. At some point this year it came to my attention that Seven Seas publishers bought the rights to publish this in English. I immediately thought- that is going to make an amazing Christmas present. So, instead of buying it ASAP I opted to be patient and wait until I got it at Christmas. I kept on giving hints to family members how much I wanted it, just so I definitely got it as a present. =D The first volume was officially released in October so that’s why I added it to my list. =)

And now that I actually have the actual paperback copy in my household, the feeling hasn’t actually sunken in. I guess it’s one of those feelings where I know I own it, but I can’t believe I own it. I’ve been waiting for a long time to get my hands on a copy and now I have a copy it’s simply a wonderful feeling. Now, I can actually buy copies of volumes instead of streaming online. =)

I’m certainly going to give this a good read tonight with a hot chocolate and that fancy light torch thing that my good old friend, Cheese, got me for Chrimbo. =D


I’ve pretty much finished my typing for the night but I will wrap this up with a few more sentences…

It’s been two days and I still keep on going to bed at 3am. Golly gosh! Not to worry though since everything will be back to normal soon.

I sincerely hope your Christmas was as fantastic as mine. =)

Until next time, ^^/


Ps. I’m going to make new sections/topics in the near future so stay tuned. =) Goodnight!