Why I support Charlton Athletic

Charlton Athletic

I like to propose a toast with my glass of J2O to my team, Charlton Athletic Football Club, who were founded 110 years ago on this very day.

When it comes to answering questions you would think that my most asked question would revolve around my autism and how I cope, etc, etc. However, my most asked question, since I was young has actually been, “why do you support Charlton?”

People are often baffled by the fact that I support Charlton, as I live in the North of England and Charlton is a London based club.

As it’s one of my most asked questions I will take this opportunity to explain why I support them. =)


I started off as a Manchester United supporter. My reason for supporting Man Utd is rather silly but true. Back then, my Dad had big curly hair, the exact replica of Bryan May. I thought wild bushy hair was masculine and cool. At that time I came across a player called Karel Poborsky, he’s a Czech Republican international who played for Manchester United. It was at that moment that I became a Man Utd supporter… all because of Karel Poborsky and his hair. XD

Inevitably, I stopped supporting the Red Devils as soon as Poborsky left them. Haha.

For a good while I never had an interest in any particular club but one name did stand out, “Charlton Athletic.” I first learned that name in my brother’s Subbuteo set. For some reason, I was really taken by that name. I remember seeing them on the Gillette Soccer Saturday updates when they lost to Ipswich and I was surprisingly disappointed. I didn’t know how but I memorised the badge, the name, and the kit colour.

The Play-Offs Semi-Finals were on and Charlton managed to win their match and progressed to the Play-Offs Final. I found myself beaming that they won their match, but it never really registered why. All of my strange feelings and affection towards Charlton came to fruition when they played against Sunderland in the Play-Offs Final 1998.

During that match I found myself cheering for Charlton all the way. I would cry and run upstairs to my room every time Sunderland scored and would run back down if Charlton equalised. I cheered for Charlton much louder than I ever did for Man Utd. They were genuine and honest cheers too. I cheered loudest when Sasa Ilic saved that Penalty from that Penalty Shoot-out.

It was at that moment that I realised that I was a Charlton supporter.


I suppose I haven’t really answered my own question. Why do I support Charlton? I’m not sure why, I just do. However, when I had my epiphany and discovered the Charlton fan in myself I learned that my Mum supported Charlton, my Uncle supported Charlton and my Granddad supported Charlton. So, if I were to give an answer I would say that it’s in the family blood. =)

One of the best moments of my life did involve Charlton Athletic as I was actually their mascot in one of their away games. Their company as a whole is friendly and I can vouch for their greatness as I have been involved with their players and staff personally, if only for a brief spell. I was slightly gutted that I never got to meet Alan Curbishley and Clive Mendonca, but I was still pleased that I got to meet all the players and staff like Chrissy Powell, Keith Peacock and Mark Kinsella.

Being a Charlton mascot was definitely a supreme moment and it’s a moment that will never go away. =D


Super Clive Mendonca Day

There’s no doubt in my mind that I will still get asked this question time and time again, but I don’t mind as the answer is daft but humorous. =)

Thanks for reading.



Super Clive Mendonca Day

Super Clive Mendonca Day

I have a Charlton related blog in mind that I was going to post next month but as today is Super Clive Mendonca Day I figured it would be appropriate to write a blog dedicated to Super Clive.

I started off as a Manchester United supporter but for some reason I’ve always had a soft spot for Charlton Athletic. I would silently cheer them on every time I saw them on Soccer Saturday. I would cheer for them loudly for the very first time when they played Sunderland in the Play-Offs 1998. I remember that day like it was yesterday.

Every time Sunderland scored I would run up to my room crying. But, every time Charlton scored my parents would beckon me and I would run down to be glued to the TV. I cheered for Charlton with all my might, I was especially cheering for the one and only Super Clive.

It was really nail-biting stuff when it came to penalties and I vividly remember Alan Curbishley shielding his face with his hands as he couldn’t bear to watch the penalties. Then came the moment when Sasa Ilic saved that penalty which won Charlton the game and thus earned them promotion to the Premiership. It was on that day, the Play-Offs 1998 that I realised there and then that I was actually a Charlton supporter. Super Clive then became my Football Hero. How many footballers can say that they’ve scored a Hat-Trick at Wembley? Not many, that’s for sure.

It’s a shame that Super Clive spent the rest of his career battling injuries which ultimately led to his retirement. I reckon he would have made a great player for the Premier League if he didn’t have so many injuries. I think he would have looked good in an England shirt too. =) Still, I will always remember him for being a great player for Charlton Athletic and scoring hat-tricks for fun. =)


I wonder if there will be any hat-trick heroes today between the Norwich and Middlesbrough game. Who will earn promotion to the Prem? I’m not sure of the score but I have a feeling that Boro will just edge it.

Thanks for reading. =)