My Christmas Tradition

Father Christmas

Ho, Ho, Ho.^^/

I have plenty of traditions at this time of year. I watch Christmas films, watch Thomas special episodes, listen to Christmas music and watch football on Boxing Day. My two most important traditions are hanging out with peeps and wrapping presents. You see, I get a thrill wrapping presents on Christmas Eve evening.

However, I’ve come down with a bad cold for the past few weeks. So, I wrapped them early so I could attend my sister’s Christmas Eve gathering. It was a good night and I made sure to work the room and talk to everyone. =) I don’t like feeling sorry for myself so I tend to not tell anyone if I have a cold or when I’m poorly. Someone did point out that my nose was really red. That was no brainer though; it was obvious that I was auditioning to be Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer. 😉 Haha.

I woke up really late this morning and we, as a family, opened up our presents quite late. We would all sit in a circle, Dad would pass out the presents, and we would open them one at a time. However, with Santa sacks, we just divulge in them right before we open up the presents from friends and family. Of course, I know Father Christmas doesn’t really bring our presents but me and my Mum still get Santa sacks. It’s all part of the fun, so why not? 🙂

I got a lot of nice presents from Father Christmas and from my family too. From the top of my head, I got…

  • High School DxD Volume 3
  • Monster Musume Volume 5
  • D-Frag Volume 2
  • Marvel Socks
  • Superman and Marvel loungers
  • Marvel T-Shirt
  • Is This a Zombie DVD
  • Lion onesie
  • Captain America: Winter Soldier Blu-Ray
  • Thomas: Tale of the Brave
  • Thomas the Tank Engine Annual 2015
  • Winnie the Pooh the complete collection
  • A very well knitted beard. Haha. =D
  • Non Non Biyori outro music
  • New set of dark striped pyjamas

So far it’s been really positive. Before I set off for my sister’s gathering I saw, what I personally believe was a shooting star. I know I might be unwell and not thinking straight but my eyes never deceive me. =) Well, it was either a shooting star or a comet. However, I’m choosing to believe that it was a shooting star. My face was spread in an exasperated gawp…after 20 seconds I made several wishes at once. I wished for Christmas and New Year to be good for everyone, to over-think less and to be a successful author in 2015. =) If it wasn’t a shooting star then my next guess would have been Father Christmas. Haha.

So far, it’s working, as everyone I know is having a very pleasant Christmas. I keep on falling asleep today as I’m not well but chilling out is the best way for a speedy recovery. =)

I’m planning to go out on several shopping trips and ordering some stuff as well. Through browsing on Amazon I discovered that Seven Seas, my current favourite publishers, have actually acquired licensed for Non Non Biyori manga! I’m extremely excited about this. For the past year I’ve always said to myself that if anyone was going to license Non Non Biyori, it was going to be Seven Seas. It’s not released until 30th June 2015. Aside from my birthday, it’s another reason to look forward to 6 months from now. =)

For those interested, here is the link for confirmation.



After the Christmas meal, and breaking the wish bone, I’ll probably spend the rest of the evening watching the Christmas trilogy of Only Fools and Horses and Captain America with my family. Then, I anticipate an early night. Even if I am unwell, I can still think happy thoughts. =D

For the fun of it, here is a picture of me dressing up in my Lion onesie and wearing that fake beard. Haha.

Thanks for reading. =D

Merry Christmas, everyone.^^/


My Christmas Spirit


Ho, Ho, Ho.^^/

Christmas has an impact on people in different but wonderful ways. For me, it represents a time to spend with family and friends. So far, I’m doing just that. However, it never really occurs to me that Christmas is coming until certain things trigger my realisation…

  1. The Coca-Cola Advert
  2. Putting up the decorations
  3. Home Alone on TV
  4. Advent Calendar
  5. Walking out in the freezing cold
  6. Putting up the Christmas tree

When do you realise Christmas is coming?

The decorations in my house look splendid, and I’ve got a new star to put at the top of the tree. =) I watched Home Alone the other day on Channel 4 +1. I would say that both Home Alone 1 and 2 are probably my favourite Christmas films of all time. I enjoy it now as I did when I was much younger. Even in the days when I in a complete world of my own. I remember my Mum buying the Home Alone soundtrack all the way back in 1992. It’s both wonderful and amazing how time flies. I’ve come a long way since then. =)

I’ve been in a good mood recently. I recently finished my illustration on a picture that I’m quite proud of. I drew and coloured Aoi Sakurai from the anime, ‘Rail Wars.’ I was thinking of doing either Rias Gremory or Takao next. However, I also begin to wonder if it’s more appropriate to draw a Christmas picture with a bunch of anime girls squashed together. That could be a lot of fun actually. If I feel like it, I’ll give them a go.

So far I’ve been doing a countdown to Christmas. Every morning I would eat a piece of chocolate from my Thomas the Tank Engine advent calendar. Then, I would post #day1 for example onto Instagram. I’m finding that a lot of fun. I don’t really eat heaps of chocolate in truth, but when I do, it’s on a special occasion. =D


Father Christmas

 I still have plenty of presents to wrap and cards to send but it’s all worth it when the 25th December arrives. 😉

Thanks for reading.



My 2013 Christmas

My past two Anime blogs might have been heavy for some for those who are not enthusiastic about Anime. This blog is about how I spent my Christmas! =D

Here are a few of my festive pictures…



This week, since its Christmas, I’ve been going to bed later than usual, 3 O’clock in the morning to be precise. I’ve done that for the past couple of days, including Christmas morning! I’m overdue a very long sleep. I’m even tired as I’m typing this right now. I’m the sort of person who enjoys getting up early. I get that morning brisk feel. When I get up late I tend to be jaded, even when I got to bed early the previous day.

On Christmas Eve I travelled over to my sister’s house, as per Christmas Eve tradition. I think lack of sleep did catch up on me as my head started to swell. In all truth I did fancy going home early but I wanted to try and soak up the atmosphere as much as I could. And I wanted to be there when it was 00:00 hours. XD! I promised myself that as soon as I got in that I would go straight to bed. Well… when I walked in my Mum had Home Alone 2 on the TV. And well, not watching Home Alone on Christmas is very rude… so, I stayed up to watch it.

That night I went to bed around 2 O clock…


Christmas morning came and I could not literally open my eyes.

The first thing I opened was my Santa sack. Some may still consider this childish but I consider this fun. My Mum also gets a Santa Sack. She was very happy with her presents! =)

I’ve been quite creative with presents this year- to give to people. On each name tag instead of writing the person’s name I placed the picture inside of that name tag that I personally associate that person with. I never planned it from the start; it was an impromptu moment on my part. I just finished wrapping all the presents when the sudden idea came to me. So, I downloaded the pictures from Google, decreased their sizes, printed them off and stuck them on the name tags of the presents with tape.

I gave my Mum a picture of minions, my Dad a picture of a sailor’s cap, my sister a picture of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, for Dale (my sister’s fiancé) a picture of Ole Gunnar Solksjear, Sarah (my brother’s fiancée) a picture of Minnie Mouse and my brother a picture of a chimp… don’t worry, he understands the reference. 😉

Everyone seemed to be pleased with the presents I bought this year. A highlight for me I must say is the present I got Dale- Class of 92 DVD… Well. In my household, around Christmas time, I try to deceive my relatives by disguising my presents in peculiar ways to try and throw them off the scent…for Dale’s present I disguised his in the form of a Charlton Athletic towel. But I knew that the Charlton towel could come undone at any time so I tied it with one of my scarves. XD!


After we opened the presents we started to play the Cranium game.

This is certainly a good game and is always full of laughs. However, by this time, I was completely wiped out. I kept on almost falling asleep.  Whilst I certainly do enjoy company there were times where I wanted to be alone. I needed to unwind for a couple of minutes then join in with the socialising again. I didn’t really want to spoil the fun so I tried to plod on and see the funny side of things. But because I was on the verge of falling asleep I wasn’t in a laughing mood.

Boxing Day is the second most wonderful time of the year since it’s the huge half price season! I usually venture on this quest as per tradition. However, I felt very tired and there wasn’t anything particular that I wanted. So, I opted to stay in and watch the Football instead. Charlton beat Brighton 3-2. Good job! =D


Ah yes I forgot to mention that I got a good set of presents this year.

I hope I’m not being misunderstood when I say that getting Monster Musume was especially wonderful. I definitely loved the other presents and I loved how not all of them came from my list. It’s no fun when you predict what you’re going to get, haha. Whilst I love all the presents I must say that Monster Musume was the one I wanted the most this year.

I don’t want to sound dramatic or anything like that but getting the Monster Musume volume one manga made me quite emotionally happy. Perhaps it’s because I’m tired and I can’t think of the correct words? Whatever the case I’m really happy that I got Monster Musume. It’s one of those cases where I can’t put my feelings into words.

For a good year or so I’ve been reading the Monster Musume manga online and since then it’s been in my top five favourite manga. At some point this year it came to my attention that Seven Seas publishers bought the rights to publish this in English. I immediately thought- that is going to make an amazing Christmas present. So, instead of buying it ASAP I opted to be patient and wait until I got it at Christmas. I kept on giving hints to family members how much I wanted it, just so I definitely got it as a present. =D The first volume was officially released in October so that’s why I added it to my list. =)

And now that I actually have the actual paperback copy in my household, the feeling hasn’t actually sunken in. I guess it’s one of those feelings where I know I own it, but I can’t believe I own it. I’ve been waiting for a long time to get my hands on a copy and now I have a copy it’s simply a wonderful feeling. Now, I can actually buy copies of volumes instead of streaming online. =)

I’m certainly going to give this a good read tonight with a hot chocolate and that fancy light torch thing that my good old friend, Cheese, got me for Chrimbo. =D


I’ve pretty much finished my typing for the night but I will wrap this up with a few more sentences…

It’s been two days and I still keep on going to bed at 3am. Golly gosh! Not to worry though since everything will be back to normal soon.

I sincerely hope your Christmas was as fantastic as mine. =)

Until next time, ^^/


Ps. I’m going to make new sections/topics in the near future so stay tuned. =) Goodnight!

A Festive Trip to Bents

Snow Tidings! ^^/

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? I have and fortunately I’m more or less done. All I need to do now is to spend my Christmas pennies on a certain someone and then I will be finished. 🙂

My next step is to write Christmas cards. Some folks don’t like this procedure, but I most certainly do. I love hand writing and I always give myself an excuse to write. 😀

I figured that I’d treat myself this year and went to buy some decorations for my room. I went to Bents with my Sister and her fiancé, Dale. They’re soon to become husband and wife but that’s another story to tell in another blog. I wanted to go for a traditional yet modern theme for my bedroom.

Like every year Bents always have such wonderful Christmas things on display. I got my Father Christmas train and Father Christmas figure at Bents a couple of years ago. I still have them to this day. =D I had a good mowsy round but unfortunately nothing really took my fancy. Although I was nearly tempted to try out the expensive massage chair for free…XD

I nearly went home without spending a penny when I spotted certain items for sale- Father Christmas figures. They had a special offer on. If you buy one Father Christmas you get another one for free. I already have a Father Christmas but then I remembered that certain people didn’t have them. So I bought one so I could deliberately have the other one for free. One would be a present for my Mum and the other could be for another family member. She got very excited when she saw them both; in fact she liked them so much that she wanted to keep them both. I saw no reason why she couldn’t so I allowed her to have both. 😉 I bought a few Chrimbo items too that would make my room look more festive. =)

Here are a couple of photos of the Father Christmas figures that I bought.



There was a bit of a rush at the end since the store was closing, fortunately for us we were able to buy them just in the nick of time.

All in all I conclude that this was a successful shopping trip. ^^/