My First Year Blog Anniversary

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Blog Tidings.^^/

It seems rather strange that I have been blogging for one full year now and this was met by many adventures that I did during that period. =) I’m not sure how it started really. I believe I was just rambling on with my family when it came up in passing that I should blog about my experiences with Autism. I learned over the years that writing things down can release my unwanted tension and it’s another form of me expressing myself. =)

After careful consideration, I registered on WordPress and my blogging journey started…

I could talk about my year as a whole, but instead, I’ll just summarise and link to the blogs that I think are significant.^^/

  1. Introduction

This is my introduction which I wrote one year ago. =)


  1. WWE Raw 2013

I went to WWE Raw with my circle friends. I used to be a big fan of WWE but this was the first time that I attended an actual wrestling show. It was daunting but it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. Plus, my favourite wrestlers were in attendance.


  1. Segway

This was good experience and an instant highlight of the year. I arranged a birthday treat for my brother. This was the first time that I had actually arranged anything. I was also venturing into the unknown here. It was a little distance away but we both had a really good time and I would do Segway again without hesitation.


  1. Pub-Quizzing

On some occasions I would go to the Pub Quiz either as a night out or to celebrate a special occasion. I would often have to have a long think about whether I want to go out or not. Last month though, I went to the pub quiz for Cheese’s (the friend, not the dairy product) birthday celebration. Instead of needing to think I just decided to deal with my emotions when the time arrived.


  1. WWE Royal Rumble

In early 2014 I stayed at my brother’s until the early hours watching WWE Royal Rumble. For some televised wrestling events I would often stay over. Usually after the event I spend the rest of my night sitting in a chair reading as I don’t feel comfortable sleeping in someone else’s house.


  1. Completing a Writing Course

This was certainly a joyous occasion and I celebrated it with a pint of J2O. 😉 I learned a lot about writing and how to approach a publisher. Nothing has been happening for me and my books just yet but I believe I’m steering myself in the right direction. =)


  1. Positivity and Autism

Naturally, coping with Autism can be tough. I tend to over-think and read into situations that are not there.



  1. Visiting College

Visiting my college again was quite a challenge. I was invited back to college a few times to watch performances and to catch up with people but I declined those offers. I was out of routine and had become unfamiliar with everything.

However, this year, I decided to pluck up my own courage and visited. I thought long and hard about this invitation but in the last minute I decided to say “yes.”


  1. The Wedding Blogs

I didn’t have much to blog about in July except for one…my sister’s wedding. That was a very significant moment and I achieved a lot personally on that day.



  1. Yoga

My outlook on myself and confidence is highly due to my regular practice in Yoga.



  1. Film with a Friend

I went to watch the Transformers film with a friend… this was definitely a significant moment as this was the first time that I’ve been out with someone without a family member being present. The following day I went to the cinema with my Dad, and I took the initiative as he is less familiar with the procedure then I am.



  1. Impromptu Outing

Going to an impromptu trip to a train station was an interesting challenge.


  1. November Happenings

November was very busy month and was perhaps the most challenging.

I designed a Halloween costume dressed as the Shockmaster for my Brother’s Halloween party. The day after that I went to London to watch Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall. As I travelled to London it was necessary for me to stay in a hotel, the first time that I ever slept in a bed that wasn’t my own… If that wasn’t challenging enough, I then travelled to Liverpool to watch WWE Raw.







I believe I still have a lot to learn where blogging is concerned. What I have learnt though is that at times I probably forced myself to blog about stuff if I felt that I should blog about it. I like to think that in one year I developed my own style of writing and blogging. I consider myself always upbeat and looking on the happy side of life.

What I learnt is that I need to enjoy what I’m writing and I would often remind myself that all these blogs are from my own point of view. I tend to get the best out of myself if I enjoy writing, especially when reviewing film and manga. It can be hard at times since I find it difficult to summarise but thankfully I have my editor (aka Mum) to help me out. 😉

I find as well that if you don’t force yourself to blog you will have more things to talk about.

I feel a lot better when I’m blogging as it’s a good way to express myself. However, it came to light at times that viewers from all over the world are actually reading what I have to say. I’m also aware that some of my blogs have put smiles on the faces of my friends.

Making people happy is what motivates me to continue writing and blogging. Being happy is important, and if I’m making someone happy then I intend to keep up with that flow! =)


Two Thumbs-Up

I summarised my whole year to the best of my abilities. How did I do? Did I waffle too much? Haha. Well, I had to figure out how I was going to write this blog. In all honesty, it wasn’t a tough as I anticipated. All I had to do was sum up what I did and share my adventures from last November to now. =)

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I can’t wait to see what my future adventures will involve next.

See you next time.^^/




Hello ^^/


In this blog I’m going to talk about a fun recent activity- Segway.


With my Brother’s birthday just around the corner I decided to arrange a Birthday treat. So, I booked this Segway event with the GoApe Corporation, based in Delamere Forest.


This was practically the first time that I had arranged or booked an event without much assistance. I actually thought I would have been a lot more nervous or anxious. Usually the anticipation dwells on me negatively whenever I’m going out or invited out. To my surprise I didn’t give the anticipation much thought.


It’s quite unusual for me I must say but my answer was quite simple- it’s because I organised everything. Because I organised everything I felt strangely relaxed, it was as if I knew what was going to happen. More importantly I felt in control and got fixated in my head what was going to happen. If I’m following someone’s lead or get invited out- it is like I’m heading into the unknown, like I can’t predict what will happen. However if I’m arranging or organising an outing, I don’t feel like that in the slightest. Well I say all this but really this was going to be my first visit at Delamere Forest, but I’m talking more about the situation rather than the destination.


I daresay that my Brother felt more nervous than I did, because in his eyes he was probably heading out into the unknown. I only told him the Postcode since he was the one driving- Hoho. 😉 It took us about an hour or so to arrive at the forest.


Delamere Forest is quite beautiful. It’s full of trees- a lovely mixture of green and brown. As well as being nice to look at, the fresh air was very pleasant to inhale…probably due to the mass of trees!  That must mean that the Amazon must be a pleasant place to go to- minus the poisonous snakes and man-eating crocs!


Anyway- back to the subject in  hand!


The Segway experience was exciting and I would most certainly do it again in a heartbeat. Perhaps I will go in my Birthday week? Most situations I would have to think over, but if you were to ask me if I wanted to do Segway, my answer would be yes. Sure I might get anxious initially as it would be sudden (from my perspective) but ultimately I would definitely agree to it in the end. I may even get anxious through the anticipation but that will all disappear once I arrive.


There were about ten to fifteen other people there.  I volunteered myself to go on one as a first participant. I simply loved it and became quickly acquainted with it. I was quite proud of myself as I anticipated that it would take me longer to grasp. 🙂


Oh, we also got a certificate at the end for our participation- good for me. 😀 The only downside to that day was my flu…I won’t delve into that though because getting ill is not an interesting topic. 😀


My brother had a good time as well, which was the whole point since it was for his birthday treat.


Whatever will I do next?


Good Day~ ^^/