The Devil is a Part-Timer Volume One Review

The Devil is a Part-Timer Volume One Cover


Sadao Maou is going to conquer Japan, but for now he will settle for working part-time at a fast food store. In another world he was the Demon Lord but he had to retreat from a hard fought battle with the hero of justice to planet Earth. If Sadao’s problem wasn’t enough the hero of justice, Emilia Justina, has followed him all the way to Tokyo in order to take him out.

  1. THEME
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Shounen[1]
  • Supernatural


I’ve been waiting for this manga to arrive for months and was not left disappointed when it did. The first I’ve noticed besides the cover is the texture of the book. The manga I buy are usually glossy, but the cover of this manga has a matte feeling to it.

I found this manga to be really funny.

You have this Demon Lord who has been causing havoc in this magical world where his attempts for further domination has been thwarted by the hero, Emilia. He somehow has been transported to Planet Earth along with his right hand man, Ashiya. After some information gathering he decided that he will conquer Japan. But, to do that, he must conquer all of the McDonald- ahem- McRonald fast food stores. To do that, he has to become the store manager. To do that, he must become a full-time employee. Yep…he is currently working part-time at this fast food store. Haha. In order to get to the top, he must work his way up from the bottom… it doesn’t help that he has to live in an apartment where he rents from a “scary” lady. Haha.

With the way he’s been talking I wouldn’t have thought that he was actually the Demon Lord. He acts more like a young man who is caught up in his own imagination. He’s acting like a law-abiding citizen where he’s struggling for cash and has to live off basic food, alongside Ashiya. Unfortunately for him, the hero Emilia, who now goes by the name Emi Yusa, has somehow followed him to Earth. She is now living on Earth whilst working in an office. She looks very smart in her outfit. =)

I love how Sadao and Emi adapted to life on Earth. Their conversations are awesome.  Even though they come from a fantasy land they’re completely acting like normal human beings. The humour comes mostly from the dialogue. One of my favourite lines from Sadao to Emi is “You’re talking like a mob boss.” I thought that was really funny.  In some ways, it’s like Sadao and Emi’s roles have been reversed. With Emi speaking ill of Sadao all the time you would have thought that she was a demon in disguise. There were moments where she didn’t act heroic, namely when she was sobbing outside of Sadao’s apartment. It went to the point when he felt sorry for her enough to let her crash in for the night. He even gave her some money after she dropped her purse somewhere…

I’m impressed at Sadao’s professionalism at work, especially when Emi confronted him in the actual shop. I think Chiho is really cute. I like her pigtails, her big eyes and her facial expressions. She seems like a sweet girl and very humble but I can tell straightaway that she has an eye for Sadao. I wonder who is attacking Sadao and Emi? Did someone travel from the magical land as well that hasn’t been introduced yet?

Chiho ended up going on a “date” with Sadao. I’m really happy for her. I really like her dress and hairstyle. You can tell she went all out to make herself nice for Sadao. I liked it that they held hands and they started to talk in some restaurant, just like a proper couple. It does make me curious about Chiho. She spoke with Sadao about the voices in her head relating to these earthquakes, and to her relief, he believed everything she said. I wonder if she has supernatural elements as well. Perhaps that’s partly a reason why she is drawn to Sadao. That and her Dad was the one who spoke to Sadao and Ashiya when they first arrived in Tokyo. Emi got a threatening call from this anonymous person. No doubt it was the same person, in my mind, who caused the earthquake and shot those bullets towards both Sadao and Emi.

Normally I would shake my head in disapproval if a guy can’t read the signs that a girl is into him. However, I bear in mind that he is the Demon Lord who is still adapting to human culture. It’s natural that he won’t get that Chiho is into him, and not necessarily because he’s a man. Ashiya and Emi seem to recognise a love-struck maiden, so perhaps it’s just Sadao after all. Haha. Chiho was just about to confess when Emi interrupted at the worse time. Or best time. It depends how you look at it. An uncomfortable discussion occurs between Emi and Chiho and of course, another earthquake happens. They managed to reconcile eventually, thankfully.^^/

It was really funny when Emi had to sign an I.D. reference for Sadao and Ashiya. I can’t say I saw that coming. It’s moments like that that makes me see this manga as more real life than a fantasy.

Emi’s past, when she is Emilia Justina, is quite emotional. It seemed as though she lived a normal life with her Dad, but she is special because her Mum is an Angel. At some point the people of the church came and took her away. This is so she can build up her strength and fight the Demon Lord. Her tongue and personality might be a little sharp but I find myself sympathising with the hero even more, especially when I started to learn about her past. I’m pleased as well that she actually made a friend.

I really, really enjoyed this first volume. The cameo chapter at the end was especially funny. Emi humiliated Ashiya by giving him food. Normally this is a token of gratitude; however, in this instance it’s very humiliating for Ashiya. This is because he can’t afford to buy much food for both him and Sadao. It’s still nice of Emi to give him some food though, even if she is putting on a front…


Two Thumbs-Up. ^^/ (My Rating System)

Two Thumbs-Up


Chiho Sasaki

I found out recently that Christopher Awdry has indeed finished with writing the Railway Series. To my understanding this was confirmed in the film premier to “The Tail of the Brave.”  Alf Fortnam, widow of Hilary, Christopher’s sister, confirmed it… There have been many speculations about this for a while. It was the first book in the Railways Series to have “The End” written at the end of the book… I’m gutted by this as I do enjoy Christopher’s own style of writing Thomas. However, it’s all probably for the best.
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[1] The target audience of this manga is boys. Shounen means boy in Japanese.