London Trip Part Two: The London Experience

Royal Albert Hall

  1. Arriving at London Euston

At this point we have arrived in the heart of London, more specifically, London Euston Train Station. Strangely, I keep on pronouncing it as Houston, but that’s irrelevant!


I took a quick glance around. I didn’t feel strange at first, it felt like any other ordinary train station. I would say that it’s just about the same size as any other major city station. =) We were in a rush too so we had no time to enjoy the sights of the station.


Next moment, we got into the black cab! That was the first ever time that I had been inside the black taxi cab. I’m a bit iffy with taxis nowadays due to my experience with taxis from when I attended College and University, that’s another story though! I was more excited than nervous. Perhaps it’s because the Black cabs are quite famous in London, and I was with my brother.

The gentleman driver knew where he was going but there was one moment where my heart skipped a beat. He pulled by the lights and from my point of view it looked as though we were going to crash besides this huge lorry! Turns out, he was just pulling up beside it. Me and my brother exchanged grimaces of relief!

We took another route because there was a vintage car real show in the park. =)

Through all those lovely detours we have finally arrived at the Queen’s Gate Hotel.^^/

  1. The Queen’s Gate Hotel

The first thing I thought, when I looked up is “wow, I gotta take a picture of this!” and so I did, and it was magical. =)

I felt really important when we went into the reception. I especially felt an important guest when we were given swipe cards. I was a little mean to my brother at this point… I made him take the stairs all the way up to the fourth floor. Haha. When we reached there we had a problem… how do we get in? We tried to swipe it horizontally, vertically and tried to place it as if there was a hole there… turns out, all I needed to do was place the card over this fancy switch and the door opened!

We got in. The room was small but cosy. We had problems working the kettle though. Then… well. I decided at that moment, after putting my card in the card holder, that I should take a picture of my door for Nan. So I walked out, closed the door and took a picture. When all was said and done, I put my phone away and tried to open the door… I was locked outside! My brother, Mum, my sister, everyone warned me that whatever I do, I should not leave my room without my card. I did that without even trying. Luckily my brother was in the room so all I had to do was knock on the door and my brother opened it. Haha. It wasn’t even his room. XD

My bed was ok and the shower and bathroom was in mint condition. As long as the shower was super hygienic then I am happy. =) I couldn’t really get all that comfortable on the bed, I wasn’t used to sleeping on someone else’s bed. I had a quick cup of tea before we left to go for a walk at the Kensington Gardens. There wasn’t much time to relax just yet as we wanted to have a quick stroll in the park.

  1. Kensington Gardens

Before we took a stroll in the park we decided to have a dummy run to the Royal Albert Hall.

I did this whilst watching out for the busy roads. I’m especially nervous around roads. Pre-university I’d often go into my own little world and not really pay attention to my surroundings. I used to be very embarrassed to admit this so I never explained why I lacked concentration when walking along the roads. Nowadays, I’m very aware of my sense of self. So, I can control my own thoughts, especially around busy roads. I’m still not as confident though, I will only cross roads when I feel secure over the fact that the roads are absolutely clear. I don’t care even if I have to wait ten minutes, it’s better to be a bit late and stay safe. ^^/

The Royal Albert Hall is literally a five minute walk from where the hotel was, perhaps even shorter. It was simply a majestic sight to behold. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s hard to put it into words. Opposite this building is the Royal College of Music. That was a nice building too. You could literally hear the pianos playing from where we were. On the other side of the Royal Albert Hall was the Royal College of Art, another nice building. =)


On the way to the park we got ourselves Ice Cream. Since this was a monumental occasion I chose to get a triple whippy into a double whippy comb… It was extremely delicious, but, I kept on dripping it on the floor. 😦 I said that it was worth every penny, until my brother reminded me of the fact that it was actually him who treated us both to the ice cream… so, it was worth all the pennies he spent on it. 😉

However, I dropped bits of ice cream onto my shirt. I wouldn’t mind if it was any ordinary shirt, but, I bought this shirt specifically to debut in London. And, I somewhat made a mess of it. Haha!


Walking in that park was simply lovely. There were loads of people though, and as more people came near me, I kept on taking shots of the sceneries. I got a few nice shots too, especially of the sky and water. =)

Strangely though, what I liked more about the park were the colourful people that were in it. It made me feel like that it was a waste of time feeling anxious around other people. I saw all sorts of eccentric activities the people were doing, I saw one or two doing yoga. I was happy because everyone was doing all sort of eccentric stuff, but, no one was judging anyone. They were just getting on with their own stuff. It made me feel like I could blend in and be myself with ease, without feeling judged.

My philosophy is ‘eccentric is the new normality’ haha. =D

  1. Realisation

Something occurred to me whilst I was snapping photos. I do genuinely love taking photos, but yet, I always find that I’m taking more then I need to. Why is that? I think I found my answer after I got back to the hotel. I take photos to distract myself from the situation.

To me, this makes a lot of sense. I’m always nervous when I’m out and about, especially when I’m venturing into the unknown. Sometimes to escape my nerves and socialising with new people I would often pick things out that I think would make a nice photo, and take a few pictures of it. It was exactly like that when I went to my sister’s wedding. I told myself to restrain myself from photo taking… that did not happen at all. Partly, it was because I enjoyed taking pictures of the scenery and people, but it was also to distract myself from feeling anxious.

How I felt when taking photos in London was no different from when I was taking photos at my sister’s wedding.

I wouldn’t say that taking photos is necessarily a bad thing but I at least understand why I’m taking more than necessary. Am I going to resolve this? Do I need to resolve this? I’m not sure, but what I am sure is that I’ve learnt a lot about myself in this trip, and this is one of the platforms that I have learnt. =)

  1. Pre-Concert Preparations

I was apprehensive when I got off the station, into the hotel, and walking through the park. But… I felt incredibly ill as soon as I went back to my room.

I don’t know what suddenly came to me. I propose that since I was constantly busy I was somewhat distracted by my anxiety. However, since I was back at the hotel, I had some peace and quiet. That was then when I started to feel ill. I became aware that I was in London, and that everything was out of routine. At that time I opted to listen to the Non Non Biyori soundtrack. Then, it was time to go and grab some tea lunch at the Royal Albert Hall…


Whilst feeling nauseous, apprehensive and a little jaded, I went and had a Panini and hot chocolate.

To my surprise, me and my brother saw a lot of people dress in cosplay from characters from the Final Fantasy series! I was led to believe that we had to dress smart casual. Who would have thought? I was happy that everyone was in a good, positive mood but, it was getting a little bit too much for me. It was a small room just inside the Royal Albert Hall, so, I needed to go out into the open space to avoid the huge crowd. Believe me, it was super tight. I felt more ill after that.

I bought the concert programme and took it back to the hotel before the start of the concert…


In Part Three I’m going to talk about the concert, my night in the hotel and my journey home.

Thanks for Reading,

Stay tuned.^^/


London Trip Part One: The Preparation

Virgin Train

London baby!

Ahem…This was a very significant moment in my life and I can’t convey all of my thoughts into one blog post. I chose to divide this London Trip into three parts. =) Here’s the first…

  1. The Introduction

About a year ago my brother asked me if I wanted to go to watch the Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds concert. He explained that this is a rare occasion for the tour to come to England. I looked on the site and saw that the orchestra band last came to England in 2012. I thought, ‘two years ago? That’s not so rare if it happened recently.’ Haha.

Tickets went on sale so really I had to make a prompt decision. My mind was very muddled at that point. I felt huge pressure on my shoulders and I kept thinking about the circumstances rather than the concert itself. In the end I more or less said no as my mind went blank and I’m not very talented with prompt decision making.

Afterwards my brother unveiled the fact that he actually bought all three tickets for me, himself and our friend, Cheese. It was a good job that he did as the tickets for the concert sold out in less than two hours! In truth, I did feel more pressure when my brother bought the tickets, but in hindsight, that was actually a smart move. To my understanding, it’s a record sell out. 🙂

I more or less said that I will think about whether I want to come or not, since going to the concert was not going to happen overnight. If I was unhappy with this then all I had to do was sell the ticket and refund my brother…


Along the way Cheese dropped out, so that would mean my Brother going by himself. At that point I started to think more about him then myself. He would have been fine on his own by all means but it’s not really the same when there’s no one to share the fun with. Plus, I probably appreciate the Final Fantasy series more than everyone else in our circle of friends. However, my brother appreciates the music a lot more than me.

I decided at that moment that I was going to the concert. Yes, it was a musical orchestra. Yes, it was a concert. Yes, it was at the Royal Albert Hall. Yes, it was in London. Yes, there will be a lot of people there. However, instead of brooding all of that in the present time, I would deal with those issues and worries when the time came.

  1. The Anticipation

I was generally relaxed about the trip at first. I arranged the tickets for Virgin Trains and booked reserved rooms for the Queen’s Gate hotel.

I must be honest when I say that I was very reluctant to stay in a hotel. In an ideal world we would watch the concert and go straight home via trains. That wasn’t really feasible though and so it was more necessary to stay in the hotel overnight. I really didn’t like this but I of course understood that travelling back would be more hassle then its worth. With much reluctance I booked two rooms at the hotel. My brother allowed me to make all the arrangements and I did with assistance from my Mum.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but I lose a lot of sleep every time I spend a night at my brother’s. I’m very aware in those moments that my bed was not around. Sleeping at someone else’s house has always proved difficult. How am I going to handle the experience in a hotel?


In some ways I think I tried to avoid the topic about London as much as I could. I was in the frame of mind that I need to handle situation in the given moment, as oppose to thinking about it and talking about it needlessly.

I think my other folks and sister were more excited about the London trip than I was. When my sister asked if I was looking forward to Saturday, I asked, ‘yoga?’ Deep down, I knew she meant London, but I was really determined to not think about it. If I think about it, I worry. After she clarified what she meant I said, ‘I’m not thinking about it,’ and the topic ended.

Everyone was very encouraging though. My mum was especially encouraging. She was actually born and raised in London, so she knew London like the back of her head. She reassured that I will be fine. I felt reassured that I was going to be safe but it still didn’t change the fact that I was going into the complete unknown.


It dawned on me two days before that I was going to go to London… In that time I was busy trying to get my travel kit sorted and fixing my costume for the Halloween party. All the little niggles and quirks that I would laugh off or ignore became important issues. I had a lot on my mind so I ended up getting headaches, pent-up anxiety and I lost a lot of sleep.

Ideally, I would have liked to have an evening all to myself so I could prepare myself mentally. However, the day before we went to London I went to my Brother’s Halloween party. I was aware that there were new people coming so I started to get nervous about that. I found that my anxiety about the London Trip mostly overshadowed my anxiety of meeting new people at the party.

My head was not in a pleasant state because I did not have many opportunities to relax and unwind. I felt rushed and in the need of hurrying up. I don’t like running, rushing or anything at a fast pace. I always prefer to take my time, so bustling about and getting things ready did not help matters.

I did have an hour here and there and I spent that time re-watching particular anime. I also listened to the Non Non Biyori soundtrack since it’s pleasant on my ears. When I was relaxed and happy I was able to think positive. I might have felt ill and had a wave of headaches but that doesn’t mean that it’s all doom and gloom. =)

I left the Halloween party early so I could prepare myself for the next day. I watched anime and settled for bed. I was still a little anxious but I felt happy…

  1. Arriving at the Train Station

I woke up at seven O’clock sharp and straightaway I found myself that I was able to wake up and get up with ease. I opened the window, saw a tree and thought ‘that would make a good picture!’ So I went outside and took a picture of it. It was beautiful. =D


I re-checked my bag, got dressed into my outfit, and re-watched anime before I left my house.


My Dad picked up my brother and dropped us off at the train station.

It was certainly a massive place. We found that we had a lot of time to spare because we arrived an hour early. We decided to grab a drink to quench our thirst. We went into Starbucks and I grabbed a lovely creamy hot chocolate. =D

Coincidentally, there was a massive chalkboard which said “AUTISM”. Around that word were different words that were generalised symptoms of Autism. Apparently, that was Starbucks’ charity of the month. In some ways, it makes you wonder if this was a sign. I certainly feel that it could have been, even if it is just a coincidence.


We found our train! I asked my brother to take a photo of me beside the train. I posed and he took the photo. I walked towards him, turned around to find that the train was just departing… I was posing next to the wrong train. Whoops. We eventually found the right train and scrambled aboard. We were right at the very back. 😉

  1. The Train Journey

I felt slightly under the weather to tell you the truth as I had a headache and felt jaded due to lack of sleep. The pendolino train, being rickety on the lines, sort of amplified my mental state. After that I felt very sick and very nauseous. Haha. For some reason I was expecting it to be smooth like an Aeroplane (I took part in Child Flight back in the 1990’s but that’s another story) and be a lot smoother. How wrong I was. XD

As I was on this train journey I figured I would use this time to write the Halloween blog as well as start my reviews on Non Non Biyori and Locodol. However, writing these reviews amplified my mental state by ten folds! XD

Despite feeling ill I chose to think positive. I had a lot of good banter with my brother. On the odd occasion I would look out of the window and at the beautiful scenery that were flashing by. We even played noughts and crosses for a little while and had a right good laugh about it. Haha.

The train ride, in truth, was enjoyable to some extent. It sort of felt no different than a normal modern train. We were just travelling farther away and a lot faster. I think because me and my brother were passing the time and enjoying ourselves it just seemed that the train journey ended a lot quicker then we’d expect it. Needless to say we both nearly fainted when we left the carriages. Haha.

The train came to a gradual stop and finally we have arrived at London Euston train station. =)

And- but I mustn’t tell you anymore, I’ll save that for part two. 😉

Thanks for Reading,

Stay tuned.^^/


My Favourite Anime Openings and Endings Part Two

Snow Tidings. ^^/

This is a continuation from my previous blog post. The last blog post I waffled briefly about Anime and my favourite Anime openings from this season. This blog is about my favourite Anime endings from this season.^^’


My Favourite Ending Songs

5.Wanna be the Strongest in the World

Fan Fanfare!!!

Kover Ani 3, 2013. Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritait ED PV. Available at:

<; [Accessed 21/12/2013]


This song was performed by Sweet Diva which comsists of five Japanese voice actors, who also perform as certain characters in this Anime. =D

Why I like This:

It’s just fun to listen to. It’s very energetic. =D


4.Ore no Nounai…OreNome. 😉

Taiyou to Tsuki no Cross

Desukanki, 2013. Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru ED [1080 HD]. Available at:

<; [Accessed 21/12/2013]


This video has three versions. The song was performed by TWO-Formula.

Why I like This:

For some reason I feel an air of something unfulfilled- like unrequited love. I’m judging that by the way the singer is singing and by the way that the guitars were strumming. XD In all three versions the girls looked quite sad, so yes, I have a feeling that this represents unrequited love. I don’t like sad things but I think this is very nice. It’s sad yet beautiful.


3.Non Non Biyori

Non Non Biyori

エルヴィンスミス, 2013. 【のんのんびよりED】 「のんのん日和」 FULL 歌詞付 高音質. Available at:

<; [Accessed 21/12/2013]


I couldn’t find the ending video so I’m going to share with you the full version of this song instead! =D This song was performed by the entire acting cast.

Why I like This:

It was executed brilliantly, in my opinion. 🙂 This song has a very good feel to it. It makes me feel very happy listening to it. It’s simple but very, very effective.


2.Infinite Stratos 2


TheBlackReaper375, 2013. IS Infinite Stratos 2 ED (Lingyin Ver). Available at:

<; [Accessed 21/12/2013]


This video has different versions with different female characters posing in the background. This is the Lingyin version. This was performed by the Infinite Stratos 2 cast; Yoko Hikasa, Yukana, Asami Shimoda, Kana Hanazawa, Marina Inoue, Chiwa Saito and Suzuko Mimori.

Why I like This:

This song is just awesome. I love the combination/contrast of different singing voices with different singing styles mashed against each other. I also find it very fascinating how the characters are running in sync with each other. That’s without doubt my favourite part. I wondered if BEAUTIFUL SKY was going to be as good as the first season’s ending, SUPER STREAM, but in my opinion it’s just as good.^^


1.Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai

Maware! Setsugetsuka

AxeVisionX, 2013. [Ending] Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai. Available at:

<; [Accessed 21/12/2013]


This song was performed by the cast; Hitomi Harada, Ai Kayano and Yui Ogura. There are three ending versions of this song, I’ve shared the Hitomi Harada/Yaya version.^^

Why I like This:

Infinite Stratos do great songs but for me there was no ending theme that I was going to like more than this one. I find this song too irresistible, I constantly want to play it over and over again and never get tired of it. The video is quite quirky and surreal but it doesn’t matter since it’s just that great. =D


Unfortunately this season’s Anime is pretty much finished since the autumn season is nearly over. At some point, after Christmas, I’m going to share with you what Anime I watched and tell you my thoughts. I hope you look forward to it.

It’s no secret that I created this blog to talk about how I handle social situations and how I cope with Autism. However,  I feel that it is necessary to talk about my thoughts and my keen interests, like Anime for example. 🙂

1 more sleep until Chrimbo, hoho. 😀

Happy Christmas everyone,


My Favourite Anime Openings and Endings Part One

Snow Tidings! ^^/

All my Christmas cards are all sent and I bought all my presents for family and friends. I’m definitely done for Christmas …or so I thought. Here I was thinking to myself that I had nothing else to do when I suddenly remembered that I have yet to wrap any presents. XD! I’m not worried though, last year I wrapped all my presents on Christmas morning (whilst avoiding Father Christmas ;-)).

I mentioned in the first blog that one of my keen interests is Anime, and so, I’m going to talk about Anime in this very blog. =D

I’m going to be talking about my favourite Anime songs but before I do I’m going to give you a run down what Anime is in case you haven’t heard of it before. Whether my explanation makes sense or not remains to be seen.  ;-D

In short Anime (pronounced An-e-may) is a Japanese animated show- basically a cartoon. An Anime can be identified by the animated characters in the show. The face and eyes are not necessarily drawn to match the proportion of their body. A character’s eyes are especially drawn big to exemplify the cute and innocence of the character. Young female characters especially have big eyes to add to the attraction of their appearance.

The best examples of Anime (the plural of Anime is Anime) I can think of from the top of my head…Pokémon, Spirited Away, My Neighbour is Totoro, Dragon Ball, Death Note, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Attack on Titan, Yu-Gi-Oh and Hello Kitty. The latter is probably more popular as a merchandise rather than as a TV series. ^^’

I’m going to go into depth about Anime some other time but for now I’m going straight to the point.^^

Japanese Animated shows are aired in four seasons:

  • Winter Season (January – March)
  • Spring Season (April-June)
  • Summer Season (July-September)
  • Autumn Season (October-December) <- This is the current Anime season

There are usually 12 or 13  Anime episodes per season. Some Anime are continuously aired and will not stop unless it’s either cancelled or the story is finished. Sazae-San, for example, has been airing on Japanese television since 1969. Last September the Guinness Book of Records recognised Sazae-San as the longest running animated show in the history of television. *clap, clap, clap*

Each Anime programme contains an opening song and an ending song. I’m going to share with you my personal top five favourite opening and ending songs from this season. However, I’m going to share them through the magic of YouTube. 😉


My Favourite Opening Songs

5. Monogatari Second Season

Happy Bite

JOS pk, 2013. Monogatari Series Second Season Opening 2 [720p].

Available at: <;

[Accessed 21/12/2013]


This song is performed by Emiri Katou who portrays one of the key characters in this Anime- Mayoi. The character Mayoi is the girl you see in this video. She is very funny and very cheeky! Believe it or not Emiri is actually singing in character- singing as how her character would sing. To me, that takes one heck of a lot of talent. =D Singing is one thing but singing as your character is a whole lot different.

This was Monogatari Second Season’s second opening.

Why I like This:

I have no strong reason to like this except that I enjoyed watching the creativity behind this video and I listening to the song. The Monogatari opening themes and music videos are very significant and relate directly to the story and plot of Monogatari. Because of this I feel that I must watch what I say as I will probably give the story away…it wouldn’t be the first time that I did something like this! XD


4. Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga… let’s just call it “OreNome” for now, it’s far more simple to type and read. ^^/

S ° M ° L

meido tyan, 2013. Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru Opening.

Available at: <> %5BAccessed 21/12/2013]


This song was performed by the enthusiastic JPop group Afilia Saga.

Why I like This:

I just find this song very catchy. I especially like female characters that are eccentric, quirky and cute and you can see in this video that they’re a lot of those kinds of girls in this Anime! Hoho. =D


3. Monogatari Series Second Season


TeamATDE, 2013. [HD + Lyrics] Otori Monogatari OP 2 ‘DelusionExpress’ もうそうえくすぷれす.

Available at: <; [Accessed 21/12/2013]


This song was performed by Kana Hanazawa. Like Emiri Katou with Happy Bite, Kana Hanazawa sings as her character in this opening song. She performs as the character Nadeko Sengoku.

I think it’s a great opening.  Unless you’re a fan of the Monogatari series you probably won’t appreciate the charm and significance behind this video.

Why I like This:

I think this is a fantastic video and song and in my opinion a lot of deep psychological meaning behind this song. This opening song of Monogatari series is related to the fourth opening of Bakemonogatari titled Ren’ai Circulation.

Check it out here ->

Yorusora Yukimura, 2010. [Special] Renai Circulation –Vietsub.

Available at: <; [Accessed 21/12/2013]

If you look carefully and compare the two videos you will see that both videos had similar scenes…with a big significance. In the Ren’ai Circulation song you will see the girl being all happy and feeling positive because of her love for the boy in the video. In the second video, Mousou Express, those exact same scenes are there but going backwards.

To me it’s like she was taking a step forward to get closer to the boy [Araragi] in the video. But in the second video, with everything going backwards, I see that she’s drifting away from him. Like, all the hard work she did went completely undone. Either that or she decided to give up on him. She wants him to love her but no matter what happens he will always be out of reach. The way she walks away from him by his side illustrates this point. The music is certainly a lot different and not as vibrant, energetic or happy-go-lucky as the first one.

I’ll tell you my thoughts on Monogatari on a later date but for now this is my personal assessment of the Monogatari’s third opening.:-)


2.Non Non Biyori

Nanairo Biyori

halil bulaklı, 2013. Non Non Biyori OP.

Available at:<;

[Accessed 21/12/2013]


This song was performed by nano.RIPE

Why I like This:

Everything about the music and video I find calm and peaceful. Listening to this always makes me happy and engaged with a relaxed mind. The show is amazing as well.


1.Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai


Vanishing drago, 2013. Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai – Opening.

Available at: <; [Accessed 21/12/2013]


This song was performed by Hitomi Harada who portrays the main heroine character in this Anime- Yaya. She is extremely cute! =D

Why I like this:

This Anime is based in London, England. =D Ahem- I mainly like this because it feels like there’s a superior motive behind this song. I find it exciting. I’m not a Musicologist but it feels like the singer, Hitomi Hadara, is travelling on an epic adventure- like she’s going into her own kind of battle! Whatever battle she faces she is very determined and passionate… I can speak minimal Japanese but I can feel her passion through her voice. =D Well, that’s how I feel when I listen to this! 🙂

I must say though, the ending is far more catchy and up-lifting then the opening. =D


That’s my top five Anime openings, hope you enjoyed reading this evening’s blog. See you more in part two, just four more sleeps to go. ^^/