Post WWE Wrestlemania 31 Thoughts

Wrestlemania 31 poster

Wo, oh, oh! Wo, oh, oh, Wrestlemania!

Haha. I still have that theme on one of my old school wrestling soundtracks.

I really had fun last night. I played the new Mario Party game with my wrestling crew whilst munching on cheesy pizza. I lost plenty of times but it was still fun. I can play games now without being overly competitive. =)

The stadium that held Wrestlemania 31 was spectacular. The last time I recall an open stadium was when the Undertaker beat Giant Gonzalez and Yokozuna beat Bret Hart but went on to lose to Hulk Hogan. Coincidentally, this was a Wrestlemania event as well. The atmosphere at this year’s Wrestlemania looked very lively and jubilant. I don’t think I would have enjoyed it though, I’m more than happy to watch it on TV. =)

  1. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (champions) beat The New Day vs Los Matadores beat The Usos (Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Championship Match)

I think this was a good way to kick off the event on the pre-show. I got confused during this match a couple of times. I didn’t know what was going on, and I don’t think the referee did either. Haha. I’m glad that Kidd and Cesaro managed to retain the titles in the end.

  1. Big Show won by last eliminating Damien Mizdow (30-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal)

In this battle royale I was rooting for Kenta, aka Hideo Itami, and Damien Mizdow.

I actually thought Sheamus was going to make a surprise entrance and win. However, he never showed up. I’m going to make a random prediction for tonight’s Raw… Bad News Barrett speaks about his disappointment of losing the title. He will either say that he deserves a rematch or he offers an open challenge. Whatever happens I bet Sheamus is going to come down, make a “surprise” return and beat Bad News Barrett.

Back to the match… It was at the back of my mind that Ryback or Big Show will probably win it, however, I was really rooting for Mizdow. I was really happy that he made it to the last two and I got excited at the prospect of him winning the actual match. I think he has more to gain by winning than the Big Show does. Ultimately, the Big Show won. I was really gutted about this but I’m happy to see Mizdow doing himself justice. I hope he gets a big push now. =)

  1. Daniel Bryan beat Bad News Barrett (champion), Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, R-Truth and Stardust (Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship)

This was a really good match. All ladder matches tend to be good. My favourite one is still Razor Ramon vs Shawn Michaels. All the stunts the wrestlers pulled were dangerous. I’m really pleased that Daniel Bryan won but I wouldn’t have minded if Barrett retained the title. I wore my Daniel Bryan “yes” T-shirt with pride.^^/

  1. Randy Orton beat Seth Rollins (Singles Match)

I enjoyed this match, especially the ending. I was anticipating that Randy was going to do a crazy RKO, and I was right. However, I never anticipated that he would launch Seth the way he did. I’m quite glad that Rollins performed that Phoenix Splash…I think that’s what it’s called. It’s a great move whatever it is.

  1. Triple H beat Sting (No Disqualification)

Me and my brother have been waiting for a long time for Sting to come to WWE. I was extremely excited when he first appeared. He made his debut at Survivor Series. I wonder if this was deliberate as Undertaker made his debut at Survivor Series as well.

I kept getting excited every time Sting made an appearance or cut a promo on Raw. He looked really strong going into this match. I wasn’t expecting a long fast paced match between these two wrestlers. I was just glad that Sting was finally going to wrestle in a WWE ring.

This match was exciting and it went to the point where I couldn’t predict the outcome. I do question the entrances though. I didn’t really engage with Sting’s entrance, I was more confused with what was happening. I think an orchestra would have been more appropriate and would have made the music slow and mystical. I think that’s more Sting’s character then the percussion music that he came out to.

I was a little confused by Triple H’s entrance as well. However, on reflection, I wonder if that’s to promote Arnold Schwarzenegger and his new Terminator film? It did make me immediately think of the time when Robo Cop busted Sting out of that cage in WCW. It’s very creative though, Triple H sees Sting as the enemy so he must take him “down”.

I enjoyed the match a lot more than I thought I would. I got excited when DX interfered and Sting took out Triple along with Billy Gunn, Road Dogg and X-Pac with a flying crossbody. My heart skipped when Nash, Hall and Hogan came down and fought as the N.W.O. I never thought I would see DX and N.W.O. square off like that. Then you have Shawn Michaels making an appearance and did the Sweet Chin Music on Sting.

In the end, all it took was a sledgehammer for Triple H beat Sting…

I was really, really gutted and a little upset. WWE were building Sting up and making him appear strong. Plus, it was his debut in WWE so surely he was going to win. Sting losing doesn’t really make sense to me. I was very confident that Sting was going to win. Did they big him up on purpose so we didn’t anticipate his loss? Does that mean that Sting is going to disappear now? Is there going to be a re-match between Triple H and Sting? They both shook hands at the end of the match so it does make me think that this feud is probably going to end for now.

Sting breaking the sledgehammer with his baseball bat was cool.

Regardless, I did enjoy it. I enjoyed seeing DX and N.W.O. square off and I enjoyed seeing Sting in the WWE ring for the first time. =)

  1. AJ Lee and Paige beat The Bella Twins (Tag Team Match)

It was rather humorous to see AJ getting knocked off the apron before she had been tagged in. I really liked Paige’s attire. It was both cool and easy on the eye. I’m glad her Wrestlemania debut was a win.

  1. John Cena beat Rusev (WWE United States Championship)

Rusev’s entrance was very grand. I’m not sure about those soldiers though… their legs didn’t look very natural when they were marching. They looked rubber. Haha.

If anyone was going to beat Rusev for the US title, it was going to be John Cena. I think on Raw tonight the huge US flag is going to drop down, just like how the Russian flag has been dropping down on recent episodes of Raw. =)

I’m pleased to see Lana back.

  1. The Undertaker beat Bray Wyatt (Singles Match)

Admittedly, I was very nervous about this match up. It’s no secret that the Undertaker had a nasty concussion last year in his match against Lesnar. How was he going to fare this year? If he fights this year.

He did fight this year… I think he has done better this year than he did last year. He did the Old School move. He looks very healthy. I was anxious at times whenever he wobbled about. Were these wobbly moments part of the act or had he suffered another concussion? I’m glad he won this year and I really, really liked his match with Wyatt.

I’m still with the view that the Undertaker’s streak should never have been broken, especially by Lesnar. I can understand why WWE chose Lesnar to beat Undertaker’s streak so I’m not complaining but I still maintain my views from last year.

  1. Seth Rollins beat Brock Lesnar (champion) and Roman Reigns (Triple Threat Match)

I think this was a great conclusion. I honestly thought that Lesnar would win the match and Rollins “cashes” in his Money in the Bank after the match. When Lesnar executed that third F5, it did cross my mind, at that point, that Rollins would cash in there and then. It turns out that he actually did! I was really happy that he did. I was even happier that he actually won the title. As far as I’m aware no one has cashed in the Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania before.

I do wonder what’s going to happen now. Will Orton challenge Rollins for the world championship? Will Big Show and Roman Reigns be part of the world championship picture as well? Maybe Sheamus will be added to the equation when he returns. I think I’ll have a good idea when Raw airs tonight.


 Sting diving

This has certainly thrown my sleeping pattern off schedule. I went to bed late but got up early. Haha. I was invited out to the pub quiz this evening but I decided not to go as I wanted to use today and this evening to slob about. Usually I would feel self-guilty and worry about not socialising, but I was too tired and relaxed to let it become an issue. Haha.

Thanks for reading.^^/


WWE Royal Rumble 2014



Headlock Tidings! ^^/


Last weekend I spent at my brother’s until the early hours. We played the who am I? game (this time I didn’t give anything away!) as well as Dungeons and Dragons.


Admittedly I wasn’t so keen on D and D at first as I found it too confusing and kept on getting things wrong. I felt rather guilty because I was under the impression that I got everyone frustrated because if my continuous misunderstandings. It turns out that it was all in my head. Luckily I have a better grasp of how to play it more efficiently.


The main purpose of going that very evening was to watch the WWE Royal Rumble 2014. This means staying up until early hours of the morning. I always had great difficulty sleeping anywhere if it wasn’t in my own bed. Gradually, over time, I was able to overcome this obstacle. It’s still fairly rare for me to stay the evening at someone else’s place though. I usually only ever do this when a major WWE event is on, like Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.

I think it all started when I visited a friend’s house when we worked on my project for Uni. It took longer than expected and so we all worked a long time. I stayed and worked on that project from 4pm to 5am! I wasn’t so concerned about myself because I was very focused on completing my task. I had a few impromptu naps as well. So, I think I showed that I can do something like this if I really need to. From then on I tried my best to not worry about staying over. I just think, in those moments, “What do I feel like doing? Am I up for staying up until the early hours?” Each and every single time my answer will change depending on how I feel. I wasn’t up for it so much last year but I was up for it this time around. =)


As for the Royal Rumble event itself… it certainly had some interesting twists and it has obviously bought much controversy. When I say controversy, I meant huge negative criticism from social media. Instead of giving you my thoughts on this news I’m just going to focus on what I enjoyed about this event. =D


The pre-show match was good; it was certainly nostalgic seeing the New Age Outlaws back in the ring again. Not only that, but winning the tag team titles! I bet they would never have guessed that they’d win the tag team titles again after 10 years. Goldust and Cody Rhodes were good too. What does anyone think about Goldust doing a forward flip on the outside? For a man his age that is quite amazing. It goes to show that no matter how old you are- at the end of the day age is just a number. =) I’m 25 but I never felt a day older since I started college. =)


Daniel Bryan against Bray Wyatt was an amazing match! I was thoroughly engaged with the story and action that these two wrestlers shared. It did leave a somewhat sour taste in my mouth when Bryan lost though but I do think there was a good justification there. Bryan suffered from a concussion in real life a couple of weeks back and Bray Wyatt took advantage of that. So, it was probably legitimate that Bryan lost because he wasn’t 100%.


Roman Reigns…what a beast. Ever since the Survivor Series I made a prediction that he was going to break Kane’s record and eliminate the most superstars ever in a single Royal Rumble match. And I was right with my assumption. =) I’m pleased that he got into the final two, he looked very strong and monstrous.


As soon as Batista was announced to be a Royal Rumble participant and confronted Randy Orton I sort of knew that he was always going to win this year’s Royal Rumble. The timing of his return was rather odd but I think he’s starring in an upcoming film in WWE studios. Perhaps they’re trying to raise Batista’s profile to promote the film? Whatever the case it won’t change the fact that Batista won.


For me I would have liked CM Punk, Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns to win the Rumble. You could say that I no longer believe in the Shield, I believe in Roman Reigns! =D


Have a nice day! Bang! Bang! ^^/